Anna Gonzalez Noguchi

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Major project:

Retainment renegotiates memory and the capacity to anchor experience in tangible forms. Pre-existing objects are removed and in turn relocated as they inhabit a new space- one of the origin, but also of the studio, of old hands and new.  Bowls are not bowls as they are solid; memories, sensations and archives formulate new vessels that coexist within a foreign territory. Vacant substructure gives way to surface which distills again into pristine faces, with cut outs to locate objects within proximity, bestowed with the weight of greater responsibility through their attendance. There is a multiplicity of materials and methods of production which forms a density.  This mass is visible and accessible yet the defined boundary imposes an impenetrability.  Differing opacities reveal and conceal the relations- there is clarity and ambiguity- as if remembering and forgetting are the only possible states of being.


  • Previous degrees

  • BA Sculpture, University of Brighton, 2014; Foundation, Central Saint Martins, 2010
  • Exhibitions

  • Seasons, Maxmilla Space, London, 2017; Members Show, Outpost, Norwich, 2017; Northhampton Open, Northhampton Contemporaries, Northhampton, 2018; Too Much Information, Seventeen Gallery, London, 2018
  • Funding

  • Eaton Fund, Gilbert Bayes Trust
Royal College of Art