Sofia Souidi

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Major project:

Project 1 


In the last 100 years people spend ever more time working inside. Today 90% our routines happen in enclosed space. Without natural light the human body does not have any orientation. People can't tell time, nor season or weather. This project aims to reconnect people to the outside. 

Gradient is projecting a parallelogram that is changing its geometry, intensity and colour during the day based on meteorological data. Further it can connect to other locations on the globe and imitate the light from that specific place. The idea of this project is to use peoples inherent perception of light to let them tell time.

Project 2


Malo is cutlery made of stainless steel aiming to improve the eating experience. Formal and material design decisions are based on several user tests regarding haptic and visual perceptions of cutlery. 


  • I am interested in experimenting with material and understanding the relationship between people and objects. I see myself as a translator between craft, industry, object and user. My practice is an ongoing exchange with experts in their fields and aims to create tangible curiosities for people.

  • Previous degrees

  • BA Product Design, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany
  • Experiences

  • Judith Seng Studio Project Acting Things, MADE Gallery Berlin, Project “CAPTURED- THE EXPERIENCE” and "LISTENING WITH MY EYES"
  • Exhibitions

  • RCA London WIP Show 2016, Ambiente Frankfurt 2010, DMY Berlin 2012, DMY Berlin 2010
Royal College of Art