Sangjun Park

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Major project:

Joint Junction

Half of people now rent their home in London. I designed a shelf that fits well with modern living. Dwellers require ever more storage space as they accumulate more and more possessions, but for renters, purchasing large furniture, such as shelving, can be a burden, as it is difficult to move and might not fit into future properties. Therefore, I developed a shelf that can be assembled and disassembled easily when moving home without the need for any tools. Furthermore, the user can easily reduce and extend the size of the shelf to fit to any space. Please visit my personal website for the further details


  • Designing objects, with the view of solving a particular problem, is something I have always strived for. How we live and create things that make our lives more enjoyable and the world a better place is more important than merely the way a product looks or the way it functions.

  • Previous degrees

  • BA Product and Furniture Design, Kingston University, 2013
  • Experiences

  • Design internship, Korea Finance Technical Network, 2012; Design internship, Aaron Probyn, London, 2013; Design assistant, Aaron Probyn, London,November 2013–14; External collaborator, Michael Marriott, London, March – September 2014; Design internship, Samsung S1, 2016
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