Pasquale Totaro

Show RCA work

The Pyramid Synth

The Pyramid Synth is an instrument that analyses object to create and modulate sound. The main module of the synth reads the material properties of an object and generates sounds that reflect those properties. The player can explore the sonic potential of things and play them with any connected keyboard. The instrument has also two modules that allow the user to modulate sound effects by using the squishiness or the profile of an object.

Oddball with Nathan Webb

Oddball is a bouncy ball that turns every bounce into a sound. It has a series of sensor that can detect bounce and a Bluetooth chip that allows it to connect to your phone. Once connected it can trigger sound through your headphone or speakers and transform your environment into a drum machine.


  • Previous degrees

  • B.S. on Energy Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, 2012; M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014
  • Experiences

  • Product Design Intern, Apple Inc.; Design Intern, PARTY NYC
  • Exhibitions

  • Hidden Dimensions - Milan Salone del Mobile, Ventura Lambrate, 2016; Fruit Punch - B&O play Journal, 2017
  • Collaborators

  • Giuseppe Taccini, Marcel Mueller (Design Products 2018)
Royal College of Art