Onni Aho

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Major project:

Wasting Matters

‘Wasting Matters’ is a research project that exp design interventions to manage waste and use of resources in urban landscapes. To meet challenges of creating sustainable livelihoods in expanding cities we need a shift towards sharing economies and more circular material flows. How can design encourage citizen responsibilities and facilitate more intelligent resource use? The design process borrows ideas from street art and design activism and combines an observational approach with active research: hands-on experimenting in the real-world.


  • Design has an agency to change our behavior; we shape objects, thereafter they shape us. As a designer my intention is to explore and leverage this agency in order to improve our lives and surroundings. In my work I am pursuing for intuitive and functional concepts through hands-on approach to design practise.
  • Previous degrees

  • BA Product and Furniture Design, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland, 2014; Student Exhange, Furniture and Spatial Design, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Shool of Design, Denmark, 2013
  • Experiences

  • Design assistant, PES-Architects LTD, Helsinki, 2015-2016; Junior designer, Tunto Design OY, Järvenpää, 2012-2014
  • Awards

  • Gaiazza Memorial Challenge, Udine, 2013
  • Funding

  • Antti Nurmesniemi -postgraduate scholarship, Askon Säätiö
Royal College of Art