Han Su

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Major project:

Project Deflate


Project deflate is an exploration of the possibilities of negative air pressure, just like wind energy can be harnessed only by containing the air under highly pressured environment, air can be used as a formative agent by storing compressed air in the form of potential energy. The main section in this project is the experiments of negative air pressure: pull, relocate and immobilize the stuff.

Project deflate combined air suction system with the backpack. For a dweller in the city, we can not avoid carrying something with us, the deflatable backpack obviously improved the performance and using experiments by negative air pressure. The built-in air pump can reduce the inner air pressure to relocate inner things tightly, and pull the barycenter closer to our back, making us more convenient in the crowded environment and keep better balance when we move with it.

Project Twist


Project twist is a high stool design which explores the traditional furniture making techniques: steam bending and plywood. The making principle of two are similar, both make hard timber soft and then build shape into we want. That is a process from hard to soft and back to hard, so in this project, I tried to make some different curves and visually soft shape.

Multiple ‘strings’ have been twisted and laminated to explore the impact on the torsional and shear strength of a leg component.

The seat is constructed of several layers with more string-like curves. That gives thechair more interesting appearance and comfortable sitting.


  •  BA Industrial design in China, keen on the design of the tangible structure, furniture, electronic devices.

  • Previous degrees

  • BA Industrial Design, Jiang Nan University, 2011
  • Awards

  • Reddot Design Award winner 2013; Reddot Design Award winner 2013
Royal College of Art