Gulan Wang

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Major project:


A range of interchangeable, comfortable and flexible bicycle saddles with future design and fabrication potential.

Traditional glued multi-layer saddles are a major cause for bicycling related urogenital discomfort and disorders. COMFLEX hopes to resolve this problem by using high-performance plastic material to form different saddle structures. The wide range of COMFLEX can provide the right saddle for different users depending on his or her personal habits.


  • For me, the beauty of a well-designed object is a refined balance between function, sensation, and artistry. As part of my design process, I constantly ask myself if I am creating more valuable products or simply generating more rubbish. By questioning myself, I can create products that fulfil the needs of the user, are efficiently manufactured, and environmental responsible. 

  • Previous degrees

  • BA Industrial Design, China Academy of Art, 2014
  • Funding

  • Lane Crawford Scholarship
  • Sponsors

  • Supported by a Lane Crawford Scholarship, DuPont™, Fabric™
Royal College of Art