Franziska Wagner

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Major project:


In my project "Loops" I researched about techniques of knitting and combined this with structures of furniture.  Depending on the material properties this surface allows an open structure to become a functional furniture. The framework turns into a knitting loom. While the process of knitting the yarn creates a surface.


  • As a designer I am interested in geometry and systems. Combined with the quality of craftsman ship shown in work and design made by hand.

    "geometry existed before creation" - Plato 

  • Previous degrees

  • BA Product Design University of Applied Sciences, Münster, Germany, 2014
  • Exhibitions

  • Exhibition DMY Berlin Design Festival_Berlin_ Germany, 2012; Exhibition SIMEI Fiera World Leader in Wine Technology, Milano_Italy, 2013; Alumni exhibition „Parcours 2014“ at Fh Münster FB Design, Münster_Germany, 2014
  • Awards

  • IKEA Design Award, 2012; International Design Award, 2013
Royal College of Art