Federica Annacondia

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Major project:


Rosetta _ A long lasting support appliance to the modern nomadic life, a single serving compact oven for proper bread, joined by a fast rising dough device, that works using the balance between carbon dioxide and carbonic acid.

Function vs Fiction _ A selection of miso bowls in different materials and shapes, made to explore people' perceptions on archetypal objects and their materials.


  • 'Doing useless work on useful things. If we did not behave after this pattern our life would indeed be poor, nasty and brutish.'

  • Previous degrees

  • BA Industrial Design, ISIA University of Rome, 2012
  • Experiences

  • Internship _ Jin Kuramoto Design Studio, Tokyo, August – September 2014; Internship _ Tomoko Azumi t.n.a. Design Studio, London, January – August 2015
  • Awards

  • Samsung Young Design Award 2011, silver award, (In collaboration with Massimo Marolda)
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