Emma de la Chapelle

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Major project:


Frustrated by what the current wallpaper market has to offer, the aim for this project was to push the boundaries and challenge the perception of traditional wall coverings.

.PAL is an interactive wallpaper design that does precisely this. The design consists of three components; a flexometal sheet which is magnet receptive, embossed wallpaper, and magnetic, illustrated prints. This allows the user to freely move the magnetic print around, thus being able to alter the scene of the design. Part of the self written brief was also to add more value to wallpaper as a product - as opposed to the current static, purely decorative roll it plays - and thus as a result the magnets are part of an educational game that encourages children to learn about the ocean and rainforests. The embossing plays a part in this educational system as well; by limiting the embossed pattern to little over half of the height of the wall (approximately 1600mm) it ensures that children of all ages can take part. The embossed pattern represents the sunlight, and as the ‘ocean’ becomes deeper, less light will penetrate and thus the embossed pattern becomes less frequent. The magnetic prints will inform the user as to which ‘depth’ or platonic zone that particular fish belongs to, with information written on the back of the magnet. This project translates into wall coverings, printed textiles and a book teaching children about the motifs on the wall, which are the magnets.


  • In design, well considered and thought through projects and products - those with a real story and those really taking the consumer experience into consideration - is what tickles me. When completing my Bachelors degree in Interior and Spatial design in London 2014, I spent a year working in Australia and rekindled with my life-long passion for illustrating. Drawing and storytelling is something I have since applied to many of my projects, even at the Design Product course at the RCA, and now wish to proceed with a more print based agenda. That being said, I do not think I'd ever be fully satisfied with only flat printed surfaces such as wallpaper and will strive to continue creating products for the everyday use that combines both elements of printed artwork and product design - such as packaging.

    I consider sharp attention to detail as important as the final outcome. I value thought-provocative thinking and that carefully added touch of wit or sense of humour. This is an ingredient I strive to imply in everything I do. Because frankly, design that doesn’t trigger any emotion, is in my opinion pointless.

    Lateral thinking, excessive experimentation, working with people from various backgrounds is what excites me, and I always welcome new collaborations – regardless which field this might come from, or lead to. 

  • Previous degrees

  • BA Interior and Spatial Design, Chelsea College of Art and Design, 2014; Foundation degree, University for Creative Arts, Canterbury, 2010
  • Experiences

  • Intern, Designgoat, Dublin, 2016; Assistant, LottStudio, Melbourne, 2015; Intern, Mance Design, Melbourne, 2014-2015; Intern, Berry Place, London, 2013
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