Alistar Magrini

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Major project:


Sano is a personal electronic device that quantifies stress through the analysis of cortisol's level in saliva. 

Sano's smartphone app tracks your cortisol levels during the day and offers you custom tailored tips aimed at improving your health and wellbeing.

Some of benefits obtainable include: to effectively fight weight gain and inflammation and improve sleep quality, focus and muscle mass gain.

Sano is designed for gym-goers and athletes as well as dieters and stress affected people. It is inexpensive, unobtrusive, and easy to use and carry around. 

Sano was developed for Corticare UK, a bio-engineering startup based at the Imperial College Incubator which developed an innovative cortisol biosensor.

Finalist at: ImagineIFF Global, Bitkom’s Innovator’s Pitch, Biostars.


  • I have a natural tendency towards engineering and applied science. I enjoy solving complex problems working in technically challenging enviroments.

    My practice is aimed at enabling new possibilities that improve our lives with tangible products. Products that are desirable, practical, affordable and feasible.

  • Previous degrees

  • BA (Hons) Industrial Design, Sapienza University of Rome, 2014
  • Sponsors

  • Corticare UK
Royal College of Art