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Major project:

The Book of Holy Wells

If we no longer have access to the scared pages of the mythical text – the ‘hero’s journey’ – what might we be left with? Only the shadow of ‘the author’, the ripples of ‘the book’, and a map fragmented beyond recognition.

Turning away from the grand narrative, and the author’s voice, we can put aside our heavy and never-ending search for the ‘whole’.

Might we accept the possibility that now there is no foothold in the journey, no point of arrival?

The long and mythical journey is over. It is past, and we no longer have access to the route. Perhaps now we can instead take pleasure in sorting through the fragments, and hear what happened next.

Following the publication of a mysterious book, which chronicles the journey of an unknown author, this project recounts the reactions of the British well towns visited in the book through sound pieces and installation.


  • Through writing, objects, installation and sound pieces, I explore the point where fact meets fiction; the inherent gaps in the factual, where invention sits so easily and often unseen, bolstering the absurd and adding unexpected layers to the existing narrative.

    My practice is multidisciplinary, moving across a range of media in an effort to respond to subject matter that is varied and unpredictable in nature.

    My work is concerned with our ‘impulse to mythologise’, our longing for things we don’t understand, and how this exists alongside the anecdotal and the incidental. 

  • Previous degrees

  • BA Visual Communication, Glasgow School of Art, 2011; BA Film and Television Studies & Theatre Studies, University of Glasgow, 2005
Royal College of Art Royal College
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25 June –
5 July 2015

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