Natalja Vikulina

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  • Natalja Vikulina is an artist, designer and researcher, working across a variety of disciplines in visual communication including photography and moving image. Her research addresses places as phenomena. Her practice explores how memory and identity are embedded in places and how artistic practices can contribute to the construction of identity of/with a place. 

    Natalja Vikulina holds an MA in Visual Communication from the University of Westminster. She has exhibited internationally in London, Riga, Moscow, St Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod.

  • Previous degrees

  • MA Design for Communication, University of Westminster, 2012
  • Exhibitions

  • Stadtrandsichten. Nizhnij Novgorod, Philisophicum centre, Basel, Switzerland, 2017; Screentest, University of Greenwich, London, 2017; Baltā nakts, Splendid Palace, Riga, 2016; Communicating the Intangible. Royal College of Art, London, 2016; Psychogeography. A Parallel Experience. National Centre for Contemporary Art, Nizhny Novgorod, 2015; Interactions with the Real. Royal Holloway, London, 2015; “Why Would I Lie” Research biennial, Royal College of Art, London, 2015; 5 ’clock. Fashion and Contemporary art, National Museum of Urban Sculpture, St -Petersburg, 2014; Poetry Map, Nice Place Mansards, Riga, 2014
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25 June –
5 July 2015

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