Minna Sakaria

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Stereotype is a word originating from type practice, it is a solid plate of type that insures that the same message can be re-produced without variation.

This project looks on typographic and linguistic stereotypes for gendered products, such as boys- and girls t-shirts at H&M. It is an exploration of the connotations of these two binaries, and a subversion of the solid stereotype into something more fluid and queer.

The typefaces for the project are custom made and called Sans and Avec.


  • Minna Sakaria is a graphic designer and typographer. Her portfolio spans from type design to brand identity, print and publishing for artists as well as corporations, exhibitions and events, with work consistently taking a starting point in typography and conceptual design. With a background in illustration and experience in typography – the craft aspects as well as the visual rethorics of the design field – her signature approach and artistic aim is participatory, playful design stripped away from dogmatic conceptions. 
  • Previous degrees

  • BA Fine Arts, Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft and Design, 2013
  • Experiences

  • Freelance art director and graphic designer, 2011–15
Royal College of Art Royal College
of Art Graduate

25 June –
5 July 2015

Royal College
of Art Graduate