Jonas Berthod

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Major project:

Concrete Opera

Concrete Opera is a libretto telling the story of a new tower being built in London. It features the multiple actors and the often invisible infrastructure behind physical spaces.

Alongside a publication, Concrete Opera is formed of a metaphorical set inviting re-enactment of a story everyone living in London is part of today.


  • I am a designer, researcher and lecturer. 

    My studio work consists mostly of printed matter (books, posters), identity and type design. My research practice takes the form of writing, talks and speculative or critical design. 

    My design and research practices are complemented by teaching, which I see as an area where experimentation, questioning, trial and error take place.

  • Previous degrees

  • BA Visual Communication & Graphic Design, Ecole Cantonale d'art de Lausanne, 2012
  • Experiences

  • CV
  • Exhibitions

  • Most Beautiful Swiss Books, Zurich, 2013; Mock Up x 36, ELAC, Lausanne, 2013; The most beautiful Swiss books 1946-48, Usine Kügler, Geneva, 2012; 'Do You Read Me?', ELAC, Lausanne, 2012
  • Publications

  • Jonas Berthod, 'Research within Design?', IDPURE Magazine n°34, 2014, pp. 72-77; ECAL/François Rappo, Pierre Fantys, Mock Up x 36, 2013; Will & Tommaso, Italian Design is Coming Home. To Switzerland, 2012
  • Awards

  • Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2012 Award, 2013; Best Swiss Student Award, 2012
  • Funding

  • Fritz-Gerber-Stiftung für begabte junge Menschen (Zurich), Fondation Barbour (Geneva), Fondation Broccard / Migros Valais (Martigny), Swiss Cultural Fund UK (London)
  • Sponsors

  • Swiss Cultural Fund UK
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25 June –
5 July 2015

Royal College
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