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The Internet has fucked with your head. Content rich worlds collide effortlessly as you jump between communities at freakish speeds. Nothing in-between. No shared liminality. Our difference is all we have in common – a unique multiplication of niche desires, values and aesthetics. As our cultural longtail gushes and the mainstream dries up the city will respond.

Its 2035 and 83 per cent of London’s jobs are now done by robots, algorithms or robotic algorithms. Offices – a modern typology of striated homogeneity – stand redundant as even complex repetitive labor is systematically coded. If you’re resourceful, creative and plucky, your career becomes a canny game of entrepreneurial freelancing in and around custom facilities that play host to your niche fetishes.

This is Nichecraft; the future of work; where your differences, unique talents and niche interests build the only CV that matters. Nichecraft is reconstructed and constantly updated as London’s niches transform and shift. This is a soft architecture only made possible by the 86km Fluber Platform Loop

Fluber – the twin of wizardings ‘Flu Power Network’ and ‘Uber’ – brings hyper-spatial connectivity and rapid expressionism to Nichecraft, incorporating reduced-pressure tubes and CERN like magnetic accelerators to transport physical objects – anything, anytime, anywhere.

If the Internet hasn’t fucked with your head this post-digital infrastructural agora sure will. ­


  • Previous degrees

  • BA Architecture, University of Cambridge, 2011
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  • Collaborators

  • Matteo Mastrandrea, Architecture; Chen Jian, Vehicle Design; Steve Bunn, DAM; Rowena Humby,; Guan Lee, Grymsdyke Farm
Royal College of Art Royal College
of Art Graduate

25 June –
5 July 2015

Royal College
of Art Graduate