Charan Singh

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  • Singh’s research and practice is informed by HIV/AIDS work and community activism in India. His work revisits his 'pre-English language' life, and is looking at languages, landscapes, legitimacies, at the same time it explores the importance of storytelling and translation. He was an artist resident at the FIAR, New York, July 2017. His most recent published work is “Delhi: Communities of Belonging”, The New Press 2016; with Sunil Gupta. His latest exhibition is at the Contemporary Art Museum Houston, “Dissent and Desire” (catalogue), January—April, 2018, and previously exhibited at SepiaEye, New York 2017. He earned a Magnum/Photo London award in 2016 for his portrait series “Kothis, Hijras, Giriyas and Others”, that was also shown in “I am a Camera” at FotoFest Houston and The Photographer’s Gallery, London 2015. This series is featured in the Photoworks Annual, UK 2017. His work is in several private collections.
Royal College of Art Royal College
of Art Graduate

25 June –
5 July 2015

Royal College
of Art Graduate