Disruptive Market Innovation through Design

An introduction to iterative and revolutionary approaches to design innovation

This course explores the new thinking needed to step change innovation. The Disruptive Market Innovation through Design module is split into two different stages, an evolution stage where participants look at iterating a product, and a revolutionary stage where they completely rethink it. Comparing the two approaches and reflecting on both is a key outcome.

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Duration: 4 days

Fee: £1,200

Personal and organisational benefits

  • Access to subject experts.
  • Return to your organisation with new tools for innovation.
  • Return to your organisation with greater ability to work collaboratively.
  • Participants interact and network with peers from different backgrounds.
  • Practice ideation and visualisation skills to realise design innovations.
  • Learn prototyping skills.
What will I learn?

  • Through short seminars and hands-on experience you will learn to:
  • Objectively analyse the features and benefits of a product.
  • Create ideas that evolve products, taking them an iterative step forward.
  • Understand the need for step-change innovation.
  • Use extreme idea generation techniques.
  • Use idea mapping, analysis and identification.
  • Use sketch modelling and presentation skills.
  • Develop confidence in step-change innovation techniques.

Who should attend?

These workshops would be useful and interesting for those people interested in:

  • Creative idea generation techniques for design
  • Disruptive design innovation for real world markets
  • Experiencing the teaching style of the Royal College of Art
  • R&D teams
  • Innovation managers
  • Entrepreneurs

Admission criteria

Activities will be intense and stimulating but no prior knowledge or experience is required – in fact, we welcome people from all disciplines and backgrounds. Innovation is driven by difference, and diversity in the people involved is key. Only applications from people 18 years and older will be considered. 

You will need:

  • An enthusiasm to learn (this course is open to all, you don’t have to be from a design background).
  • English language ability (the course is delivered in English, please ensure you are comfortable in understanding and speaking English).
  • A collaborative attitude, as the course will be carried out in teams.


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