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Zowie Broach
Zowie Broach

A fearless approach to creative expression, fanatical technique and an informed professionalism is what we look for and encourage on this programme. The focus is towards strengthening this spirit of exploration through unique expertise and a polymathic debate with modern global awareness. 



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  • Matilda Norberg

    Matilda Norberg

    Before starting at the Royal College of Art, I’d been working primarily with textiles. I did a couple of courses prior to undergraduate study, in weaving and embroidery. I worked in styling costume and as an assistant designer. I was always a consultant, in a way, but I wanted to have my own initiatives and decide the direction of my work myself. 

  • Harriet de Roeper

    Harriet de Roeper

    I’d always had an interest in textiles and colour, but never really had the chance to explore the surface design side of fashion as much as I’d wanted. And, as much as I enjoyed textiles and surface design, I never felt like I wanted to just do textiles.

  • Yuhao Luo

    Yuhao Luo

    My main reason for coming to the RCA was to develop my study about fashion. I’d already done a BA but needed to go further. The RCA has good connections with the Tsinghua Academy of Arts and Design, one of China’s top fashion design schools. China doesn’t have many of good design schools like it.

  • Chi Ting Lee at her Saatchi Gallery Performance

    Chu-Ting Lee

    I graduated in 2007 from Taiwan’s Fu Jen University, in Womenswear, and then went to the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, to do an MA in Fashion Design. I met friends who told me I had to go to the best art college in the world, and that was the RCA, so it became a dream of mine.



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