ArcInTex ETN

Funded by H2020-MSCA-ITN

The ArcInTex European Training Network (ETN) aims to strengthen the foundations of design for more sustainable forms of living by connecting architecture, interaction design and textiles.   

RCA Project Team:

Scientist in Charge: Professor Clare Johnston
SupervisorDr Jo-Anne Bichard
SupervisorIan Higgins
Participant Contact: Dr Peter Oakley
Early Stage ResearcherAna Piñeyro
Early Stage ResearcherBastian Beyer
Early Stage ResearcherMarina Castán 

The ArcInTex ETN is developing the foundations for more sustainable forms of living by exploring the potential of adaptive and responsive personal and communal environments which connect the scales of the body, the interior and the building. The project’s fifteen early stage researchers (or ESRs) were selected from applicants from across the world working in the disciplines of architecture, design and textiles. All the ESRs are registered as PhD candidates at one of the consortium partners. The broad foundation of the initiative provides all the ESRs with a unique opportunity to take their experimental research projects from an initial idea to scaled-up models and prototypes ready to exhibit and test. Through the combination of in-depth specialisations, collaborative project work training, and private sector secondments, the ESRs will become a highly trained avant-garde, ready to take on complex challenges in academic design education, research or development work in the private sector.


University of Borås, Sweden
Royal College of Art, United Kingdom
Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom   
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania
The Berlin University of the Arts, Germany
Philips, The Netherlands
AB Ludvig Svensson, Sweden


Audejas UAB, Lithuania
Heatherwick Studio, United Kingdom
Haworth Tompkins, United Kingdom