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Felicity Aylieff
Felicity Aylieff

The Ceramics & Glass programme is a world leader in research and practice. However we do not see ceramics and glass merely as a fixed set of media. We prize and celebrate diversity and breadth. We embrace connections



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  • Christina Liu

    Christina Liu

    Before I started at the Royal College of Art, I had plans to attend culinary school in Paris. Most of my interests were based in food, having done some food writing and food photography for my own blog and Los Angeles Magazine. When I staged at a fine dining restaurant, I realised the intense kitchen environment didn’t suit me. At around the same time, I learned how to throw on a potter’s wheel and completely fell in love with clay. Creating tableware was the perfect marriage of my two greatest loves – food and ceramics. 

  • Katie Spragg

    Katie Spragg

    I graduated from Brighton’s Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics BA in 2010, and then slowly built up my own business, making and selling ceramics. My work had become quite commercial; I was doing trade shows and trying to get my work into shops, but selling and mass-producing wasn’t what I wanted to be doing. I wanted to make work that was more experimental and more sculptural, one-off pieces. That was my main motivation for coming to the Royal College of Art.

  • Cristina Vezzini

    Cristina Vezzini

    I studied a BA Applied Arts at Rochester in Kent from 2007 to 2010 and took a year out after to work as an intern with the artist and ceramicist, Kate Malone. On my BA, I worked with ceramics, glass and wood, but then ended up specialising more in ceramics. It’s the malleability and fluidity of the material, the distortion in the kiln and the rich colour of the glazes