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Professor Jo Stockham
Professor Jo Stockham

Led by Professor Jo Stockham, the Print programme is a two-year specialist MA course. Renamed from 'Printmaking' in 2015, this shift signals that the study of the expanded field of Print is equal to the making of prints as a series of medium specific choices



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  • Julie Roch Cuerrier

    Julie Roch-Cuerrier

    I did my BFA at Concordia University in Montreal and then moved to London for a semester programme in Art Business at Sotheby’s. While I was there, I came to a Royal College of Art open day, but it was only a year later that I felt ready to apply to the MA programme. When I attended the open day, I didn’t think it was realistic for me to be solely an artist, but then a lot of things happened.

  • Kate Fahey

    Kate Fahey

    Originally, I did a BSc in Radiography. Half-way through, I was asking myself if I’d made the right decision, but I finished and got a really good job. After about two years, I knew I wasn’t happy. I’d been doing evening classes in life drawing and things like that, so I decided to do a one-year course at Glasgow Metropolitan College in Applied Art and Design, which had a strong emphasis on building a portfolio and applying to art school.

  • Meg Rahaim

    Meg Rahaim

    Where I’m from in the States, it’s kind of unusual to do a practice-led, fine art PhD. When I finished my MA, I went straight into teaching at a local university, where I had done my undergraduate degree. Teaching was a great experience, and I really enjoyed being an academic, but I realised to do a PhD, I needed more

  • Holly Antrum

    Holly Antrum

    I came out of my Painting BA at Wimbledon not technically a painter. I spent the next three years pursuing my own practice alongside working in various arts organisations, sure that I wanted to do an MA but looking for the right one




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