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Olivier Richon
Professor Olivier Richon

Led by Professor Olivier Richon, the Photography programme at the RCA aims to provide a critical and educational environment in which students can develop as artists with photography at the core of their practice.


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  • Maja Absa Ngom

    Maja Absa Ngom

    I started off studying languages and cultural studies, but I once had this amazing tutor who spoke about photography, and the theory of photography, in such a way that I felt that was what I wanted to pursue. I started to experiment with my own work and she gave me the confidence to continue.

  • Bláithín Mac Donnell

    Bláithín Mac Donnell

    I studied for my BA at Goldsmiths. After that, I stayed in London for a while, tried to find work and get exhibitions. At that point, I decided I wanted to do an MA. I moved back to Ireland for a few months to work on my portfolio, got a full-time job and saved up as much as I could.

  • Beth Atkinson

    Beth Atkinson

    I did an undergraduate in Fine Art at Leeds and graduated in 2007. I came from a fine art background but found photography was the thing that I was best at and was the best way to express what I wanted. I did lots of painting and drawing, but it gradually became more photographic

  • Dawn Wooley

    Dawn Woolley

    I graduated from the College with a Masters in Photography in 2008. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Photography and felt my practice was supported but also pushed to its limits. I was really pleased with the work I came out of the College with. I had been encouraged to consider research while I was writing my Masters dissertation, so I planned to think about it for a few years and then write a proposal