Fashion Womenswear Staff

All of the College’s academic staff are practitioners in art, design or related disciplines. We also attract some of the most eminent artists, designers, intellectuals and business people working in their fields to give seminars, lectures, masterclasses, crits and individual tutorials.

Biographies and Research Profiles of programme staff can be found under Staff.

Head of Programme 
Zowie Broach

Senior Tutors
Tristan Webber (Second Year Tutor, Menswear and Womenswear) 
Flora McLean (Footwear, Accessories & Millinery)

Senior Tutor Research
Susan Postlethwaite

First Year Tutor, Menswear and Womenswear
David Kappo 

First Year Tutor, Menswear and Womenswear

Jennifer Richards

Visiting Lecturers
Brian Kirkby, Lee Roach, Carlo Volpi, Jenny Postle-Cope, Heikki Salonen, Louise Bennetts, Mohsin Sahid, Benjamin Hall, Atalanta Weller, Graeme Raeburn, Helene Steiner, Giles Deacon, Harris Elliot

MPhil/PhD Coordinator
Professor Ashley Hall

Visiting Professor, School of Design
Professor Dale Russell

External Examiner
Anna-Nicole Ziesche

Programme Administrator
Clare Silver

Jessica Deacon, Womenswear 2016
Jessica Deacon, Womenswear 2016