Cohort: Fashion Work-in-progress 2015

This year, the menswear and womenswear Work-in-progress Show was curated to collate and revel in the disparate points of reference that define the work of the RCA Fashion graduating class of 2015. 

The intention was not to document our achievements but to provide a brief insight into the creative output and inspiration of this diverse group of people gathered in to one ‘cohort’.

This term ‘cohort’ has distinctly public school / Oxbridge connotations. For our exhibition, it took root as an organically emerging name for a collation of diverse people, working together within an educational atmosphere, and so far removed from the white, heteronormative ‘club’ that the word might suggest. 

The points of reference and inspiration are diverse, but through the curation process, the links became apparent.

The Fashion exhibit in the  Work-in-progress Show comprised of an installation space curated by Rebecca Stant, a film directed by Maxim Kelly alongside Nan Li, a magazine produced by Mark Glasgow and a series of inspiration films edited by Paula Knorr.

For more images of our work, visit the Cohort website.