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Intelligent Mobility

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Professor Dale Harrow
Professor Dale Harrow

MA Intelligent Mobility is a new 15-month, 240 credit programme that will succeed the existing MA Vehicle Design. It will be launched in 2017/18 alongside the Intelligent Mobility Lab, a new multidisciplinary research centre dedicated to the future of transportation design, systems and urban mobility, led by Director and inaugural Chair in Intelligent Mobility Professor Dale Harrow. MA Intelligent Mobility aims to place the RCA in the vanguard of the ‘third age’ of automotive design.



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  • Pauline Mariotti

    Pauline Mariotti

    The approach at the RCA is completely different. My undergraduate degree had a very strict, academic approach with homework to hand in, and so on. Here, it feels like a step between academia and the working world; there’s more freedom, but you’re in the studio every day working on your own projects, and you’re not so closely monitored. 

  • Sangmin Lee

    Sangmin Lee

    I studied Industrial Design in Seoul, Korea. After graduating, I got a job straight away at an automobile company in Korea. I worked there for three years, focusing on interior design. I learned a lot, as there are many skilful and experienced designers there, but I wasn’t fully satisfied. 

  • Ido Baruchin

    Ido Baruchin

    Starting the course was a whole new world – I had never sketched a car before, so I’ve had to learn a new set of skills

  • Sheila Clark

    Sheila Clark

    I wanted to apply my materials knowledge to the specific arena of automotive interiors, looking at better uses of materials for people and the environment




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