MRes Programme Description

Healthcare & Design

The MRes in Healthcare and Design is offered part-time over two years with eight individual weeks of intensive teaching (four blocks of two weeks). The programme runs alongside an MSc programme awarded by Imperial College London. The RCA MRes programme is aimed at design professionals, while the Imperial MSc programme has been designed for clinicians and healthcare professionals. The majority of modules (six out of eight modules) are shared between the two programmes, with two introductory modules designed specifically for each cohort to introduce the principles of healthcare and design respectively.

The programme is delivered at the RCA campus in South Kensington as well as at Imperial College and St Mary’s Hospital.

First Year

In the first year, students embark on four taught modules, introducing them to principles of design and innovation; design-led innovation in healthcare; and approaches to health research and health business.

Teaching takes place in each module during one-week intensive sessions and includes interactive lectures, seminars, tutorials, case-based discussion and practical sessions. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a range of formative and summative individual and group activities.

Second Year

In the second year, students take four further modules exploring design, innovation and leadership in further detail, as well as a research project. Students will be encouraged to undertake the research project in their workplace (with support from employers), under supervision from their supervisor.

Modules will include (Subject to validation):

  • Introduction to principles of design and innovation (RCA)
  • Introduction to design led innovation in healthcare (RCA)
  • A health research toolkit (Imperial)
  • A health business toolkit (Imperial)
  • Innovation (Imperial)
  • Design dash (Imperial)
  • Designing for behaviour change (Imperial)
  • Leadership (Imperial)
  • Project

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