MA Programme Description

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First Year 

  • Platforms – New Perspectives, 20 credits
  • Materialise – Independent research, 20 credits
  • Studios – New Realities, 20 credits
  • Grand Design Challenge (Cross School) – 20 credits
  • Critical & Historical Studies – 40 credits

Second Year

  • Initial Practice – 30 credits
  • Critical Practice – 30 credits
  • Total Landscape – 60 credits

Critical & Historical Studies

The RCA provides a unique environment for postgraduate art and design students to reflect upon their own practice, and to engage with students from their own and other disciplines. The role of Critical & Historical Studies (CHS) is to support the studio programmes in enabling these critical engagements to take place. The courses offered by CHS to first-year, studio-based MA students propose an intellectual framework within which they can begin to establish a coherent relationship between theory and practice.

In the autumn and spring terms there are a series of College-wide seminars and lectures. The autumn term series will relate to your particular discipline, whereas the spring term series will be more broad-based and cross-disciplinary in nature.

In the spring and summer terms, a CHS tutor will give you individual tutorials to support the development of a dissertation which is submitted at the end of the summer term. The dissertation should be between 6,000–10,000 words in length – this is a major piece of work and you will not be able to submit for the Final Examination until you have passed this assessment.

For more information see Critical & Historical Studies College-wide Programme.


240 credits
Two-year programme
Full-time study

"We encourage students to develop their individual vision and design identity."
Lily Archibald, Menswear 2016
Lily Archibald, Menswear 2016