Innovation Design Engineering Staff

All of the College’s academic staff are practitioners in art, design or related disciplines. We also attract some of the most eminent artists, designers, intellectuals and business people working in their fields to give seminars, lectures, masterclasses, crits and individual tutorials.

Biographies and Research Profiles of programme staff can be found under Staff

Head of Programme (RCA)
Dr Stephen Jia Wang

Joint Course Director (ICL)
Professor Peter Childs

Visiting Professors

Neil Barron (Royal Academy of Engineering)
Professor Dale Russell
Gareth Jones (Royal Academy of Engineering)

Senior Tutor
Savina Torrisi

Tim Corvin

Tutors (ICL)
Professor Saeema Ahmed KristensenProfessor Neil MansfieldDr Marco AurisicchioDr Lorenzo PicinaliDr Dominic Southgate, Aran Dasan, Andy Brand, Alex Kalogroulis   

Visiting Tutors
Professor Jussi Angesleva, Fred Baier, Durrell Bishop, Jason Bruges, Federica Capitani, Jan Casey, Tom Fecht,  Laura Ferrarello, Lukas Franciszkiewicz, Charlotte Furet, Rodrigo Garcia, Laura Gordon, Clive van Heerden, Iulia Ionescu, Tim Jones, Matt Johnson, Pierre Jusselme, Catherine Ka Hei Suen, Hazel MacMillan, Simon Maidment, Jack Mama, Andre McQueen, Steve O'Connor,  Kate Terris, Wan Tseng, Matt White, George Wright, James Wright

Research Leader (School of Design) 
Professor Stephen Boyd Davis

IDEAs Lab Workshop (ICL)
Graham Gosling; Ingrid Logan; David Murphy.

Momo Rahim

Design Stream products
Design Stream products, Miles Pennington and Charanjit Nandra