Head of Programme Welcome

Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen, Head of Programme

The Design Products programme is about creativity for purpose – educating students to be design leaders, who address real-world challenges through balancing high levels of creativity and technical capability with contextual insight and empathy for people. 

The Design Products identity is characterised by a pluralistic approach to designing for purpose through a number of design cultures – Design through Making, Design for Manufacture, Object Mediated Interactions, Design as Catalyst and Exploring Emergent Futures – which are underpinned by a set of contextual and real-world themes. This provides a platform for students to conceptualise and validate ideas by provoking, challenging people, places, things and systems through crafted artefacts. 

Through team and individual projects involving external partners and tutored by practising designers and design researchers, students determine their own design culture, building a portfolio of work that locates them in their desired professional context. Graduates are creative catalysts and visionaries who go on to become leaders in their respective fields.

The programme offers: 

  • intensive teaching in platforms
  • a programme of activities related to the themes 
  • tutors who are leading practitioners and researchers
  • technical support for prototyping 
  • access to College workshops and technical facilities 
  • opportunities to exhibit in London and elsewhere 
  • collaborative projects with industrial partners
  • a truly international perspective, with students from around 20 nations


240 credits   
2-year programme   
Full-time study 

"Students are expected to create their own cocktail of learning from the depth provided by the platforms and the breadth provided by the themes"