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Digital Direction

Due to the catalysing impact of digital technologies, established approaches to production, direction, content creation and communication/digital media design are transforming at an exponential rate, employing innovative forms of storytelling and narrative experience to engage audiences in new ways.

Digital Direction is an exciting new MA that addresses media and storytelling in the digital era, assessing emerging issues associated with contemporary digital communication and the creative economy, and developing the new creative leaders responsive to continually changing contexts, infrastructures and technologies to engender a new wave of creative leadership. Graduates will develop a deep understanding of critical and experimental communication/media production, creation and design practices, and through applied innovation will address current and future contexts.

The programme prepares students to evolve and lead new approaches to media and storytelling through predictive innovation, enabled by rapidly changing cultural and industrial practices, plus uses of, and developments in, digital technologies.

Centring on the interrelated domains of broadcasting, film and experience/brand, the programme addresses knowledge and skills gaps in four key areas of practice: production, direction, content development/making/writing and communication/digital media design.

The programme offers:

  • subject contextualisation, looking at new imperatives and multiple media forms for storytelling in an age of alternative facts and fictions
  • Grounding in traditional skill sets involving narration, scriptwriting, production design, direction, set design, casting, photography, filming, lighting, and sound recording
  • Training in coding and programming, interactive design, AI, cross-platform and cross-media integration (e.g. transmedia), data visualisation and analytics, visual design, gamification, virtual/augmented reality and social media
  • Real-world contextualisation and information through visiting and guest lecturers from key industries and practices
  • Cross-School and College inter-disciplinarity opportunities through joint projects and mixed environments alongside real-world industry projects and visits to key practitioners
  • Close links between MA, MPhil and PhD students, funded research and professional practitioners

"The programme prepares students to evolve and lead new approaches to media and storytelling" Professor Neville Brody

Dean, School of Communication

Neville Brody
Neville Brody