All Films by Title

12 Sketches on the Impossibility of Being Still, Magali Charrier, 2010 showreel
3tu4, Ben Thompson, 2011 showreel


A Boy Who Wanted To Be A Super Hero by Hiromitsu Murakami, 2004 showreel
A Galaxy Over There by Martin Earle, 2009 showreel
Abigail by Tony Comley, 2005 showreel
About Sofia by Luis Zamora Pueyo, 2005 showreel
Abubacar And The Aphrodesiac by Gaelle Denis, 2002 showreel
Ad Hoc 0-1072 by Caroline Wegener, 2000 showreel
Adjustment by Ian Mackinnon, 2006 showreel
Adult Cardiac, Josh Armitage, 2012 showreel
Adventures Of John & John, The by William Bishop-Stephens, 2006 showreel
Alice In TV Land by Jacquie Pope, 1988
All Is Well by Martin Lye, 2005 showreel
All The Swallows by Ulrika Axen, 2008 showreel
All You Can Eat by Kate Anderson, 2002 showreel
Amazing, Mysterious and True Story of Mary Anning and her Monsters, The by Laura Heit, 2003 showreel
Amour d’Innocence by Martin Standbridge, 1989
And In The Summer We Can Go Rowing by Gareth Edwards, 1992 showreel
And Life Went On by Maryam Mohajer, 2007 showreel
Anger by Andrew McEwan, 1990 showreel
Anomalies, Ben Cady, 2012 showreel
Anyway by Run Wrake, 1990 showreel
Aspects Of Identity by Ian Mackinnonv, 2006 showreel
Aqua Gym by Simon Green, 2004 showreel
Asperger And Proud by Molly Okell, 1996 showreel
Attempt No. 5 by Martina Bramkamp, 1997 showreel
At The Drop Of The Hat by Hotessa Laurence, 1998 showreel
August, Matthias Hoegg, 2010 showreel
Automaton, The by Pia Borg, 2008 showreel


Baggage by Ruth Lingford, 1992 showreel
Bald Dad by Kristian Andrews, 2008 showreel
Balls by Sam Morrison, 1997 showreel
Bathysphere by Michaela Nettell, 2007 showreel
Batteries Not Included by Robb Ellender, 2007 showreel
Beachboy by Stephanie Marshall, 1997 showreel
Belly, Julia Pott, 2011 showreel
Between The Stars by Cecilia Tengblad, 2005 showreel
Big Brother, Callum Cooper, 2010 showreel
Big Fear, The by Lewis Campbell, 2002 showreel
Big Game, The by Nadine Mathias, 1994 showreel
Big Smoke, The by Susi Wilkinson, 1997 showreel
Billy Drummer by Christopher Eales, 2006 showreel
Billy Sink by Emily Skinner, 1997 showreel
Bipolar by Edward Barrett, 2008 showreel
Bird Box, Silas Money, 2010 showreel
Blind Date, The by John Colin, 1996 showreel
Bluebeard by James Merry, 2001 showreel
Blue Soap by Kathryn Colthart, 1989
Boiling by Hei Cheng, 2007 showreel
Boogodobiegodongo, Peter Millard, 2012 showreel
Born by Lesley Adams, 1991 showreel
Box by Alice Stevens, 1992 showreel
Brenda And The Silver Rabbit by John Harmer, 1998 showreel
Bridge, The by Matthew Baldwin, 2005 showreel
Brouhaha by Paul Sørenson, 2001 showreel
Bruce by Tom Judd, 2009 showreel
Bump by Anna Dyke, 2000 showreel
Bus Stop by Matt Abbiss, 2004 showreel
Bus Stop K5 by Alex Cave, 1995 showreel
Buzz by Eoin Clarke, 1993 showreel
By My Table by Sandeep Channarayapatna, 2004 showreel


Cabaret by Luci Woodhouse, 1989
Café Society by Corrina Askin, 1993 showreel
Camera Obscura by Martin Pickles, 2007 showreel
Can by Barry Murphy, 2004 showreel
Canaan by Jon Parnham, 1993 showreel
Captain Webb: The Art of Swimming by Robert Milne, 2003 showreel
Capoeira by Lewis Campbell, 2002 showreel
Carbon by Tim Shore, 2002 showreel
Carnival by Susan Young, 1985
Carry On Cycling by Stephanie Marshall, 1997 showreel
Carrousel by Barry Murphy, 2004 showreel
Cartoon by Godfrey Jones, 1991 showreel
Catgirl, The by Ebba Erikzon, 2003 showreel
CCP, Daniel Chester, 2010 showreel
Cell by Holly Klein, 2004 showreel
Cemetery by Neil Allcock, 1996 showreel
Chair And The Birdbath, The by Bridget Daniel, 1998 showreel
Chairman’s Order by Luis Cook, 1993 showreel
Changelings, The by Monica Brown, 1999 showreel
Changing World by Jacquie Pope, 1988
Charlie's Fly Times by Steven Hadcroft, 1997 showreel
Chemical Reaction by Reece Millidge, 1998 showreel
Childhood Of A Prophet by David Lodge, 1988
Chinatown by David Borrull, 2004 showreel
Circling by Matthew Baldwin, 2005 showreel
Circuit, The by Jason Stalman, 1992 showreel
Cityscapes by Seong Jun Lee, 2009 showreel
Clockwork, David Prosser, 2010 showreel
Cloud Cover by Lisbeth Svaerling, 2000 showreel
Collapse by Laura Heit, 2003 showreel
Collision by Max Hattler, 2005 showreel
Colour Field by Jack Hague, 2000 showreel
Colour of Rain, The by Hei Cheng, 2007 showreel
Commuting by Sarah Kennedy, 1989
Concubine’s Engagement, The by Kevin Richards, 1994 showreel
Condensed Night by Laurie Proud, 1999 showreel
Conflict Utopia by Michelle Yu, 1999 showreel
Confusion of Tongues, Emily Cooper, 2010 showreel
Conservatory, The by Matilda Tristram, 2008 showreel
Contraption Number 019 by Malcolm Lamont, 2004 showreel
Copy City by Denise Hauser, 2008 showreel
Corollary by Ian Gouldstone, 2005 showreel
Crow Boy Stories: Case of the Fox Kid by Sumito Sakakibara, 2004 showreel
Crumble by Ruth Lingford, 1992 showreel
Crying And Wanking by Alys Hawkins, 2002 showreel
Cupotea by Sally Ann Arthur, 2000 showreel
Curse Of The Tatty Sombrero, The by Ben Simpson, 2007 showreel


Dark Island by Jöns Mellgren, 2009 showreel
Dash! Dash! by Seraphina Samet, 2005 showreel
Dawn Chorus by Belle Mellor, 2005 showreel
Dear Dairy by Sally-Ann Arthur, 2000 showreel
Decoration, Ben Wheele, 2011 showreel
Demon Kills  by Ying Ping Mak, 2012 showreel
Devil in the Room  by Carla Mackinnon, 2013 showreel
Die Andere Seite (Otherside) by Ellie Land, 2007 showreel
Dictaphone Parcel  by Lauri Warsta, 2010 showreel
Dislocation by Louise Wilde, 2002 showreel
Dismantling Frank by Kate Porter, 2003 showreel
Doctor Simpo’s Guide To Creating Super Heroes by Ben Simpson, 2007 showreel
Dog by Suzie Templeton, 2001 showreel
Dolphins by Ian Andrew, 1987
Donkey Work by Kathryn Travers, 1995 showreel
Dos Tangos by Nanette Hoogslag, 1990 showreel
Dot Loop by Emily May, 2008 showreel
Doug Gives A Talk On Electronics by Richard Kenworthy, 1999 showreel
Drawing Class by Pooja Pottenkulam, 2006 showreel
Dream Girl by Cecilia Tengblad, 2005 showreel
Dream Thief by Gaku Kinoshita, 2004 showreel
Dry Bones by Christine Fortheringham, 1991 showreel
Duck and Andy  by Sally Stevens, 2013 showreel
Duende by Kunyi Chen  by 2000 showreel
Dyers Hall Road by Stuart Hilton, 1991 showreel


Earthbound by Sara Muzio, 2010 showreel
e.c.g. by Adam Foulkes, 1996 showreel 
Edith’s Addiction by John Harmer, 1998 showreel 
Eggs Are Eggs by Dean Roberts, 1990 showreel 
Egoli by Karen Kelly, 1989
84 by Seraphina Samet, 2005 showreel 
Ellipsis by Simon Roberts, 2012 showreel
Empire Of Form, The by William Latham, 1985
Empty by Steven Harding-Hill, 1995 showreel 
Ennui by Maryam Imani, 1995 showreel 
Eric, do you exist? by Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanotvits, 2010 showreel
Error (Error) by Chris Sayer, 2000 showreel 
Essai by Martin Ruyant, 2007 showreel 
Ever After Machine, The by Steven Hadcroft, 1997 showreel 
Everything Turns by Max Hattler, 2005 showreel 
Extracts by Jon Booth, 1987 showreel 
Eye Spy by Chris Ketchell, 2000 showreel


58 Pages by Aline Helmcke, 2008 showreel
4. Something by John Parry, 1992 showreel
4221 by Oliver Jones, 2004 showreel
Face Facts by Linda Hughes, 1990 showreel
Fair by Rob Latimer, 2002 showreel
Fallen by Kathy Milner, 1997 showreel
Family Photo by Juan Fontanive, 2006 showreel
Far Enough by Veselina Dashinova, 2009 showreel
Father, The Ram, My Dad and Me, The by Becalelis Brodskis, 2001 showreel
Feathers by Elicia Fineston, 1999 showreel
Fighter Pilot by Russell Etheridge, 2009 showreel
Figment by Susie Wilkinson, 1997 showreel
Final Hours, The by Mark Kessler, 2004 showreel
Finn by Rachel Bevan-Baker, 1995 showreel
Fire! by Jenny Bowers, 1999 showreel
Firescape by Christoph Simon, 1987 showreel
First Time Buyer by Martin Lye, 2005 showreel
First Year Film, A by André Ruivo, 2006 showreel
First Year Film by Geoff Howell, 2006 showreel
Fischingram by Martin Ruyant, 2007 showreel
Fish Never Sleep by Gaelle Denis, 2002 showreel
Five Angry Things by Christopher Eales, 2006 showreel
Five O’Clock Shadow by Malcolm Lamont, 2004 showreel
Flick, The by Chris Ketchell, 2000 showreel
Flicker by Bunny Schendler, 1995 showreel
Flight of Bazelon, The by Tereza Stehlikova, 2001 showreel
Flight Of The Dodo by Iain Gardner, 1996 showreel
Flood Of Memory by Anitha Balachandran, 2008 showreel
Flowerpots by Rafael Sommerhalder, 2009 showreel
Fly On The Window by Nikita Diakur, 2009 showreel
Fool Cries For The Evil To Rise, The by Deborah Shachar, 1994 showreel
For Your Blossom by Gaku Kinoshita, 2004 showreel
Found Objects by Christoph Steger, 2006 showreel
Four Films About Noise by Kirsten Kelly, 1998 showreel
Four More Hours by Peter Mellor, 2000 showreel
Fragments by Michaela Nettell, 2007 showreel
Frankie’s Chimera by Monika Forsberg, 2001 showreel
Frock Coat by Ben Harmer, 1999 showreel
From The Cradle by Sean Miles, 2003 showreel
Fugue by Siri Melchoir, 1999 showreel
Fused by Celia Galan Julve, 2002 showreel
F**k It, Sally Stevens, 2013 showreel


Gifted by Emily Mantell, 2003 showreel
Girl With Short Hair, The by Maryam Mohajer, 2007 showreel
Gluttony by Linda Hughes, 1990 showreel
Go Crazy by Jazwinder Phull, 1989
Godspeak by Corrina Askin, 1993 showreel
God’s Own Barmy Army by Ben Simpson, 2007 showreel
Golden Squid, The by David Borrull, 2004 showreel
Gourmand by Andrew Higgins, 1996 showreel
Grand Mal by Jack Hague, 2000 showreel
Green Angel by Tereza Stehlikova, 2001 showreel
Grey Town by Yukihiro Tsujita, 2002 showreel
Grids by Tom Judd, 2009 showreel
Grow Up! by Cleo Harrington, 1992 showreel
Gut by Steve May, 2001 showreel
guy101 by Ian Gouldstone, 2005 showreel


Haidara by Christoph Simon, 1987
Hard To Know by Kate Anderson, 2002 showreel 
Harvest, The by Shilpha Randae, 1995 showreel 
Hapless Child, The by John Colin, 1996 showreel 
Happy Now by Monica Brown, 1999 showreel 
Heather by Edward Suckling, 2007 showreel 
Heavity by Martina Bramkamp, 1997 showreel 
Hello Dad by Christoph Simon, 1987
Henrick by Yoonah Nam, 2011 showreel
Hiding Place, The by Jonathan Soper, 1999 showreel 
High by Belle Mellor, 2005 showreel 
Hilary by Anthony Hodgson, 1994 showreel 
Historia Del Desierto (Story of the Desert) by Celia Galan Julve, 2002 showreel 
Hogan by Peter Millard, 2012 showreel
Hoke by Sean Miles, 2003 showreel 
Hold On by Hei Cheng, 2007 showreel 
Hooligan Element by Eoin Clarke, 1993 showreel 
Hop Squad by Layla Atkinson, 2000 showreel 
Hotpot by Sarah Cox, 1992 showreel 
How Life Tastes by Soyoung Hyun, 2011 showreel
How Much Do You Know? by Caroline Espenhahn, 2000 showreel 
How The West Was Won by Rowena True, 2006 showreel 
Hypnogogia by Louise Wilde, 2002 showreel 
Hysteria by Alys Hawkins, 2002 showreel


i by Adam Foulkes, 1996 showreel
I Can See It through the Trees, Silas Money, 2010 showreel
I Am A Stone by Keiko Yamashiro, 2002 showreel
I Am The Land by Wallis Eates, 2001 showreel
I’m Fine thanks, Eamonn O’Neill, 2012 showreel
I’m On My Bike And You’re Looking by Kate Porter, 2003 showreel
I Hear What You Are Saying by Lottie White, 2009 showreel
I Sing The Body Electric by Katerina Athanasopoulou, 2002 showreel
Illusion Dwellers by Robb Ellender, 2007 showreel
Immersed, Soledad Aguila, 2012 showreel
Impressions by Francisco Lança, 1988
In by Wallis Eates, 2001 showreel
In Winter by Michael Zauner, 2007 showreel
Indiscriminate by Nigel Mairs, 1987
Inside by Suzie Templeton, 2001 showreel
Inside Out by Catherine Elliott, 2004 showreel
Insomnia, Yuka Takeda, 2010 showreel
International Style, The by Gary Hawkins, 1995 showreel
Invisible Cities, Sara Muzio, 2010 showreel
Invitation To Tea by Lizzie Oxby, 1996 showreel
In The West Wing by Anthony Hodgson, 1994 showreel
Irish Giant, The by Paul Sørenson, 2001 showreel
Itch, The by Alan Smith, 1996 showreel
It Was The Same As It Always Had Been by Catherine Elliot, 2004 showreel
It’s A Music by Asa Stevenson, 1996 showreel
It, God by Michael Zauner, 2007 showreel


Jazz Man by Clive Heaven, 1983
Jetsam by Sonia Bridge, 2002 showreel
Jollity Farm by David Stone, 1988 showreel
Journey Across Grandmother, A by Meghana Bisineer, 2006 showreel
Journeyer by Seraphina Samet, 2005 showreel


Kamiya’s Correspondence by Sumito Sakakibara, 2004 showreel
Kamogawa by Aline Helmcke, 2008 showreel
Kiviuq by Jason Jameson, 2003 showreel


l+r by Caroline Wegener, 2000 showreel
Lacemaker, The by Lizzie Oxby, 1996 showreel
La Danseuse by Luci Woodhouse, 1990 showreel
Ladies And Gentlemen by Suzanne Deakin, 1998 showreel
Ladies – Excuse Me! by Sandra Ensby, 1996 showreel
Lake, The by Sandeep Channarayapatna, 2004 showreel
Landscapes by Gabrielle Cariolle, 2006 showreel
Last Best Friend by Steve Smith, 1999 showreel
Last Cut by Francisco Lança, 1988
Last Breath, Ying Ping Mak, 2012 showreel
Left, Eamonn O’Neill, 2012 showreel
Left Nude, Peter Millard, 2012 showreel
Letter by Jonathan Soper, 1999 showreel
Life Drawing by Iain McCall, 1987
Like Me, Only Better by Martin Pickles, 2007 showreel
Lipsynchs by Matilda Tristram, 2008 showreel
Little Angel by Nadine Mathias, 1994 showreel
Little Wolf by An Vrombaut, 1993 showreel
Littlest Robo, The by Richard Kenworthy, 1999 showreel
Locked by Filipe Alcada, 1997 showreel
Looking Out by Nikita Diakur, 2009 showreel
Long Distance Thinking by Gary White, 2000 showreel
Lost In Transit by Garance Millecamps, 2003 showreel
Lost On Ice by Layla Atkinson, 2000 showreel
Love Letter by Rachel Davies, 1995 showreel
Love Poem #73: Diagnostic Bagamjic by Tajinder Dhami, 2006 showreel
Love Poem #74: Plastic Storecards by Tajinder Dhami, 2006 showreel
Love Poem #75: Vampiros by Tajinder Dhami, 2006 showreel
Love Soldiers, Chloe Feinberg, 2013 showreel
Lumpen by Luis Cook, 1993 showreel


Magnolia by Ellie Land, 2007 showreel
Mad Dogs and Englishmen by Daniel Chester, 2010 showreel
Mad Val by Comfort Arthur, 2009 showreel
Madame Phoenix Escapes by Ben Harmer, 1999 showreel
Mall by Brian Wood, 1994 showreel
Mama by Gesine Kraetzner, 1993 showreel
Mani’s Dying by Shilpa Randae, 1995 showreel
Man Up by Edward Barrett, 2008 showreel
Man With No Brakes, The by Mike Walker, 1989
Matchbox by Emily May, 2008 showreel
Matter Fisher by David Prosser, 2010 showreel
May by Bridget Daniel, 1998 showreel
Me by Katherine Colthart, 1989
Me, Myself And I by Seraphina Samet, 2005 showreel
Medallion Love by Martine Sheppard, 1993 showreel
Memories by Francisco Lança, 1988
Menagerie by Jonathan Hodgson, 1985
Merlin, The by Janet Simmons, 1986
Middle Dog Gets Angry by George Gendi, 2006 showreel
Midnight by Gesine Kraetzner, 1993 showreel
Misfits by Amanda Enright, 1997 showreel
Mr. Jessop by Brian Wood, 1994 showreel
Moebius Strip by Joe King, 1999 showreel
Moments Of I Don’t Know by Meghana Bisineer, 2006 showreel
Moment In Space, A by Peter Mellor, 2000 showreel
MonkeyTreeCar by Richard Jousiffe, 2005 showreel
Montenegro by Luiz Stockler, 2013 showreel
Moon by Lisbeth Svaerling, 2000 showreel
Moon Crossing
 by Andrew Higgins, 1996 showreel
Moron by Milo Waterfield, 2005 showreel
Morris And The Other by Edwin Rostron, 2008 showreel
Mother by Christoph Steger, 2006 showreel
Motor Mad by Alan Smith, 1996 showreel
Multifaceted by Noriko Okaku, 2005 showreel
My First Taste Of Death by Laurie Hill, 2006 showreel
My Grandmother by Luis Zamora Pueyo, 2005 showreel
My Life at 40 by Laurie Hill, 2006 showreel


Nachtmaschine by Max Hattler, 2005 showreel
Nails by Cecilia Tengblad, 2005 showreel
Nap by Pooja Pottenkulam, 2006 showreel
Nature’s Voice by Peter Jessien Laugesen, 2011 showreel
Network Neuron by Asa Stevenson, 1996 showreel
Night Night Sky by Catherine Elliott, 2004 showreel
Night School by Simon Green, 2004 showreel
Nightclub by Jonathan Hodgson, 1985 showreel
1984 by Eduardo Paolozzi, 1983 showreel
NOA by Setaka Mizuno, 2011 showreel
Noah’s List by Iain Gardner, 1996 showreel
Nomads by Tom Senior, 2011 showreel
Northbound by Stuart Messinger, 2003 showreel
North Sea Riviera by Josh Wedlake, 2013 showreel
Norwich To Sheringham by Bali Engel, 2009 showreel
Notes From The Sanatorium by Asya Lukin, 2007 showreel
Nothing Happened Today by Réka Gacs, 2007 showreel
November November by Vanessa Cuthbert, 1989 showreel
N’Shallah by Molly Okell, 1996 showreel


Observed Freaks On Hidden Camera by Jason Jameson, 2003 showreel 
On Hold by Jan Otto Ertesvag, 1997 showreel 
On Loop by Christine Hooper, 2013 showreel
On Time Off by Bill Porter, 2008 showreel 
On The Rail To Europe by Sarah Kennedy, 1989
One Minute About My Life by Pedro Serrazina, 1998 showreel 
One Minute Film by Gary Hawkins, 1995 showreel 
One Minute Healing by Liz Gould, 2003 showreel 
One Minute Recipe by Lucy Childs, 1995 showreel 
One Small Wish by Hiromitsu Murakami, 2004 showreel 
Onionman, The by Ross McDowell, 2008 showreel 
Op’si-math by Chris Sayer, 2000 showreel 
Optical Resonance by Jonny Voss, 2004 showreel 
Orange Blossom’s Song by Keiko Yamashiro, 2002 showreel 
Outside In
 by Cathy Slim, 1993 showreel 
Over The Hill by Amanda Enright, 1997 showreel


Pains In The Shadows by Kaori Ito, 1998 showreel
Palimpsest by Pia Borg, 2008 showreel
Palmersville by Edwin Rostron, 2008 showreel
Pandora’s Box by Stephen Ryley, 1991 showreel
Papageno by Sarah Roper, 1991 showreel
Pariah, The Red Man
 by Kevin Richards, 1994 showreel
Parliament Of Owls by Jon Parnham, 1993 showreel
Party, The by Hotessa Laurence, 1998 showreel
Passing by Seong Jun Lee, 2009 showreel
Passport by Siri Melchior, 1999 showreel
Pauline Jenkins by Pooja Pottenkulam, 2006 showreel
Pavement by Aline Helmcke, 2008 showreel
Pecatum Parvum by Asya Lukin, 2007 showreel
Pendulum by Stuart Hilton, 1991 showreel
Perfect Day, A by Barry Murphy, 2004 showreel
Perfect Man, The by Emily Skinner, 1997 showreel
Perfect Way by Jonathan Bairstow, 1988
P.E.R.F.O.R.M.A.N.C.E. by Karolina Glusiec, 2012 showreel
Permanent Wave by Michelle Salamon, 1994 showreel
PingPongs by George Gendi, 2006 showreel
Pinion by Stuart Messinger, 2003 showreel
Piggy In The Middle by Kate Milner, 1997 showreel
Planes Games by Charlie Lovett, 1993 showreel
Play by Matt Abbiss, 2004 showreel
Playground by Filipe Alcada, 1997 showreel
Pocket by Suzanne Deakin, 1998 showreel
Poetry For Dead Girls by Laurie Proud, 1999 showreel
Poor Good by Matt Abbiss, 2004 showreel
Post Mark Lick
 by Sonia Bridge, 2002 showreel
Precognition by Andrew White, 1994 showreel
Prison Ship, The by Russell Etheridge, 2009 showreel
Procession by Stuart Hilton, 1991 showreel
Procrastination by Johnny Kelly, 2007 showreel
Prophet & Loss by Jonathan Bairstow, 1988
Pull by Joanne Hummel-Newell, 2006 showreel
Pull Up The Roots by Julia Coutanche, 1989
Purifiers, The by Andrew White, 1994 showreel


Quand Tu Dors by Marie Paccou, 2000 showreel
Quase by Fernando Leal, 2008 showreel
Quest For The Holy Grail, The
by James Merry, 2001 showreel


Rabbit Punch by Kristian Andrews, 2008 showreel
Raft, The by David Grove, 1992 showreel
Raindance by Susan Hewitt, 1991 showreel
Re: Those Sounds You Sent Me! by Richard Jousiffe, 2005 showreel
Reaction by Martin Morris, 2004 showreel
Red by Comfort Arthur, 2009 showreel
Reel by Jonny Voss, 2004 showreel
Reel To Reel by Sarah Cox, 1992 showreel
Restaurant Of Many Orders, The by Yukihiro Tsujita, 2002 showreel
Revolution In Kindness, A by Marc Reisbig, 2007 showreel
Ricochet by Mike Walker, 1989
Rock Climbing For Beginners by Martine Sheppard, 1993 showreel
Room, The by Bunny Schendler, 1995 showreel
Rosabelle Believe by Tim Shore, 2002 showreel
Round by Steve May, 2001 showreel


Sakhi by Sandeep Channarayapatna, 2004 showreel
Sams Hot Dogs by David Lopez Retamero, 2009 showreel
Scientification by Catherine Elliot, 2004 showreel
Screened Tetrodes
 by Charlie Lovett, 1993 showreel
Scrub by Elicia Fineston, 1999 showreel
Second Year Film, A by André Ruivo, 2006 showreel
Seesaw by Ryan Equist, 2009 showreel
Self Service, Silas Money, 2010 showreel
Selkie Dancing by Rachel Bevan-Baker, 1995 showreel
Series Of Experiments by Martin Ruyant, 2007 showreel
Set In Stone by Reece Millidge, 1998 showreel
Shade Of A Fig Tree by Becalelis Brodskis, 2001 showreel
Shelly by Johnny Kelly, 2007 showreel
Shoot The Choir by Tony Comley, 2005 showreel
Short Films by Matilda Tristram, 2008 showreel
Side By Side by Rachel Bradley, 1995 showreel
Sideshow by Christine Fotheringham, 1991 showreel
Silent Advice by Richard Jousiffe, 2005 showreel
Silver Thread by Lucy Hudson, 2001 showreel
Siu Siu by Matthew Cooper, 2007 showreel
Sketch by Noriko Okaku, 2005 showreel
Sleep with the Fishes by Belle Mellor, 2005 showreel
Slow Derek, Dan Ojari, 2011 showreel
Slow Planet Evolving by Kirsten Kelly, 1998 showreel
Sluggards by Stephen Brown, 1998 showreel
Small Blue Tick
 by Luis Cook/Gesine Kraetzner, 1993 showreel
Snow Globe, The by Jöns Mellgren, 2009 showreel
Snow White by Claire Armstrong, 1989
Some Dogs by Jayne Bevitt, 1991 showreel
Something strange that smells awful sweet by Ryan Edquist, 2009 showreel
Soul Gun by Margarida Moreira, 1988
Sound Asleep by Cathy Slim, 1993 showreel
Space Dork In Trouble by Ben Simpson, 2007 showreel
Space Hopper by Lucy Hudson, 2001 showreel
Spinnaker Leech by Mark Hewis, 2003 showreel
Splash by Margarida Moreira, 1989 showreel
Spoons by Katerina Athanasopoulou, 2002 showreel
Spotless Dominoes by Philip Hunt, 1991 showreel
Spotted Kingdom by Francisco Lança, 1988 showreel
Stagger Lee by Milo Waterfield, 2005 showreel
Staircase Mountain by Stephen Brown, 1998 showreel
State Of Things, The by Steve Smith, 1999 showreel
Stowaways by Garance Millecamps, 2003 showreel
Strangers In Paradise by Andy Staveley, 1987 showreel
Subida by Kunyi Chen, 2000 showreel
Summer Moon by Margarida Moreira, 1988 showreel
Sunny Havens by Kathryn Travers, 1995 showreel
Surface Tension by Simon Pummell, 1986 showreel
Surge by Jan Otto Ertesvag, 1997 showreel
Sweet Lemons, Martin Jackson, 2012 showreel
Swim After Work, A by Alex Cave, 1995 showreel
Synchrony by Kaori Ito, 1998 showreel


Taken Out by Caroline Espenhahn, 2000 showreel 
Tarragona by Jayne Bevitt, 1991 showreel 
Tealeaf by Rachel Bradley, 1995 showreel 
Technopervert by Stuart Collins, 1994 showreel 
Telling Toys by Anitha Balachandran, 2008 showreel 
Tempting Fate by Susan Young, 1984 showreel
Tender To by Joanne Hummel-Newell, 2006 showreel 
Terra Infirma, Betsy Dadd, 2013 showreel
Testament by Michelle Salamon, 1994 showreel 
Testrip by Mark Collington, 2001 showreel 
That Summer by Martin Morris, 2004 showreel 
The Nest, Emily Cooper, 2010 showreelThe Boy, Adnan Lalani, 2010 showreel
The Eagleman Stag, Mikey Please, 2010 showreel
The Woman Who Married a Pig, Laurence Weedy, 2011 showreel
The Natural Order of Things, Sarah Beeby, 2011 showreel
The Other Side, Jing Li, 2012 showreel
The Beast I am, Sam Steer, 2012 showreel
The Thing Under the Tree, Lily Fang, 2013 showreel
The Sine Wave, Neely Goniodsky, 2013 showreel
The Green Garden, Johanna Jouppila, 2013 showreel
The Dewberry Empire, Christian Schlaeffer, 2013 showreel
The Shirley Temple, Daniela Sherer, 2013 showreel
The Age of Curious, Luca Toth, 2013 showreel
The Battle of the Poor, Xiaoyang Zhang, 2013 showreel
Thing Don’t Fit, Tim Divall, 2013 showreel
Theobalds by John Parry, 1992 showreel 
This & That by David Hamblin, 1990 showreel 
This Is Harrow by Monika Forsberg, 2001 showreel 
This is Not Real, Gergely Wootsch, 2011 showreel
Thought Process by Alice Stevens, 1992 showreel 
3 Brief Thoughts by Sandra Ensby, 1996 showreel 
Thursday, Matthias Hoegg, 2010 showreel
Thursday Evening by Emily May, 2008 showreel 
Thy Kingdom Come by Yasmin Ramli, 1989 showreel
Ticker Talks, The by Steven Harding-Hill, 1995 showreel 
Time is Running Out by Marc Reisbig, 2007 showreel 
Tired of Swimming, Anna Eijsbouts, 2012 showreel
To & Fro by Debrah Smith, 1991 showreel 
To Have and to Hold by Emily Mantell, 2003 showreel 
Tourbot Skippy, Aaron Lampert, 2011 showreel
Tortoise and the Eagle, The by Robert Milne, 2003 showreel 
Touch by Debrah Smith, 1991 showreel 
Tourbillon by Michelle Yu, 1999 showreel 
Tower Watchman by Gary White, 2000 showreel 
Toxic by Andrew McEwan, 1990 showreel 
Train Of Thought by Jonathan Hodgson, 1985 showreel
Traumdeutung, Lauri Warsta, 2010 showreel
Trafalgar Square by Susan Young, 1983 showreel
Trap by Mark Hewis, 2003 showreel 
Trinket by Sophia Lynch, 1998 showreel 
Trixtown Tribulation by Steve Arnott, 1988
Turn-Off, The by Holly Klein, 2004 showreel 
Turning Point by Lucy Childs, 1995 showreel 
Twenty Questions by Nuno Costa, 2007 showreel 


Ugly Head by Neil Webber, 1994 showreel 
Under The Moon by Rowena True, 2006 showreel 
Unfamiliar Medicine by Liz Gould, 2003 showreel 
Unseeing Self by Deborah Shachar, 1994 showreel 
Untitled by Daniel Adderley, 2010 showreel
Untitled #1 by Geoff Howell, 2006 showreel 
Untitled #2 by Geoff Howell, 2006 showreel 
Ups And Downs by Sophia Lynch, 1998 showreel
UU, Yu Yu, 2013 showreel


Velocity, Karolina Glusiec, 2012 showreel
Very Short Film About Life, A by Maryam Imani, 1995 showreel 
Victoria by Oliver Jones, 2004 showreel
Victoria, George, Edward and Thatcher, Callum Cooper, 2010 showreel


Wake Up, Freak Out, Then Get A Grip by Leo Murray, 2008 showreel
Walk In The Country, A by Godfrey Jones, 1991 showreel
Walking by Edward Barrett, 2008 showreel
Walking And Falling by Anna Dyke, 2000 showreel
War Film by Neil Webber, 1994 showreel
Waterfall by Janet Simmonds, 1986
Wealth by Will Bishop-Stephens, 2006 showreel
Weather Report by Laurie Hill, 2006 showreel
We Love You! by Neil Allcock, 1996 showreel
Welcome To The Jungle, Sir by Rob Latimer, 2002 showreel
West Pier by Mark Collington, 2001 showreel
What I Saw, What I Heard by Greet Kallikorm, 2013 showreel
What Light (Through Yonder Window Breaks) by Sarah Wickens, 2009 showreel
What They Could Take With Them, They Took by Veselina Dashinova, 2009 showreel
Where You Are by Gabrielle Cariolle, 2006 showreel
Within by Pedro Serrazina, 1998 showreel
Wolves by Rafael Sommerhalder, 2009 showreel
Work by Rachel Davies, 1995 showreel
World In Miniature by Jenny Bowers, 1999 showreel
Wound, The by Ebba Erikzon, 2003 showreel
Wrong by Stuart Hilton, 1991 showreel
Wubba by Charlie Lovett, 1993 showreel


Yarn…Good Light is Essential by Réka Gacs, 2007 showreel
Yes Love by Sam Morrison, 1997 showreel
You.Me.Let’s Hug by Edward Suckling, 2007 showreel

Animation Presentation
Animation Presentation