From 2017, the programme will be located in the RCA's newest site in White City

Animation work can be generated entirely in digital form or using a combination of film, video and digital methods of production. A multidisciplinary environment is encouraged and College-wide facilities reflect this. The range of equipment and studios available supports the creative slip between different methods of production, construction, installation and exploration. Including 2D and 3D workstations equipped with the latest video editing and image-manipulation software, with full audio capability. A variety of standard software packages are available and video formats supported. There are a well-equipped range of 3D CGI and model facilities, live action kit and studios with various stop motion filming options. Including motion picture Rostrum cameras for digital, 16mm and 35mm film with aerial image capture and green screen. Facilities in other Schools are available by arrangement, and students are encouraged to use College-wide facilities, including the Drawing Studio and the RCA Library, located in Kensington.

Lens-based Media and Audio Facilities

There are a variety of photography, animation with green screen and equipment available that provide filming, lighting, sound, workshops, studio bookings as well as printing and scanning. The well-equipped model and 3D CGi facilities including 3D Maya suites, stop-frame DSLR systems with Dragon, stop-frame Bolex 16mm film cameras, tripods, tracking devices and full lighting kits for 3D animation, SD and D7 DSLR HD live-action kits, stereographic kit and digital tracking. Facilities for 2D include digital video line-testers and multi-plane system, digital ink and paint, PhotoShop, TVPaint, digital editing and compositing with After Effects and Adobe Premier. Motion-picture rostrum cameras for digital, 16mm and 35mm film with aerial image capture. Sound facilities houses a Full ProTools surround-sound mixing and recording studio in the Stevens Building, portable digital recorders with microphones, ProTools for creative track laying, SoundBooth and Adobe Audition. As well as studio for green screen shooting, live action and stop-frame.

College-wide Facilities

By arrangement, students are also able to, and encouraged to use workshops and facilities in other Schools within the College. As well as College-wide facilities such as the Library and Drawing Studio.

  • Resource Stores – Free hire of lens based media and AV equipment
  • College Shop and Print Shop - Sells a variety of graphics and art supplies, wood and acrylic, stationary and paper to meet student’s daily needs at the College and provides various high quality large format inkjet printing in colour, grey scale and black and white available at both Kensington and Battersea sites
  • Raw Materials Workshop - The workshop provides a cutting service for students and dispenses wood, plastics and metal sold through the College Shop and free hire of a selection of power tools and ladders
  • Darwin Workshops – Model making and bench areas, wood workshops, metal fabrication and welding, a resin studio, spray booth, a synthetic clay studio and vacuum forming as well as general 3D making support
  • Digital Aided Making - Provides subtractive manufacturing support for laser cutting, CNC machining and plasma cutting
  • RapidformRCA - Rapidform provides a wide range of high-end additive layer technology for rapid prototyping, 3d scanning and software processes
  • Ceramics and Glass - Facilities in the new Woo Building in Battersea includes areas for hot glass making, cold glass working, kiln forming, plaster model and mould making, pl astic clay making as well as clay and glaze development
  • Jewellery and Metal - Also in the Woo building are processes available such as anodising, CAD/CAM-milling, computer modelling and rapid prototyping, casting, electroforming, enamelling, forging, tool making, patination, plating, presswork, spark erosion and laser, MIG and TIG welding
  • Fashion - Workshops include a fabric stockroom, a dedicated fashion computer studio, a wide variety of specialist sewing machinery, for both apparel and footwear, as well as dummies and finishing presses
  • Textiles - Provides a yarn store as well as workshops supporting knitting and linking, computerised knit, embroidery machines and mixed media, printed and woven textiles
  • Painting and Sculpture - Materials workshops are provided for painting as well as a stretcher service and well equipped metal and wood workshops
  • The Foundry - Supports a wide range of metal casting techniques including plaster and silicon rubber mould making for foundry work, lost wax work, ceramic shell investment, direct burn-outs, ludo investments, clay bond and CO2 sand moulding, melting, fettling cast work, tig welding, metal finishing, metal melting and pouring
  • Printmaking - Comprise of etching, lithography, intaglio, screen printing and letterpress areas. With a digital suite comprising of large format digital printing and reprographics workshop

*Please note that access to some of these facilities are subject to an induction and academic need.

"The students have access to an impressive range of facilities across the College, from glass-blowing, to rapid-prototyping, to textile weaving, to printmaking, to photography and film studios."