MA Programme Description


Writing is a full-time, 240-credit, enhanced RCA MA (unlike the standard UK 180-credit MA). It is delivered in a 15-month format, September 2017 – December 2018. Home/EU students can opt to undertake the second part of their studies (the independent project) on a part-time basis (June 2018 – June 2019). This innovative structure has been designed to give students greater flexibility to combine full and part-time modes of study. Please note the part-time option is not available to international students for visa compliance reasons. Further details are available on Tuition Fees and MA Entrance Requirements.

The Writing programme offers students an opportunity to explore new ways of writing –  critical and creative – at a time when publishing, media and platforms for artists’ writing are undergoing considerable change. The programme has been built on the idea that writing and criticism are creative practices in their own right, with their own techniques, ethics and technologies. We welcome experimentation and also encourage students to develop their own interests and expertise. By the time a student graduates, they will have an extensive portfolio of writing, demonstrating diverse writing skills and focused subject expertise. Taught by leading writers, artists, critics, publishers and editors, and working alongside artists and designers in the studio-based courses at the RCA, students graduate with the writing, research and thinking skills as well as expert knowledge required to pursue successful careers in the arts.  

Through close guidance and support from the Writing team, students will develop their writing and thinking practices in regular writing workshops and seminars based around specific critical and creative texts. In the later part of their studies, students will scope and develop a tutored, independent project. This can take a wide variety of forms; from essays and book-length studies, to podcasts, websites and other live projects. For many of our graduates, the final independent project has been their passport to a career. 

Further information on the programme is available on request or at one of our Open Days. Applicants are encouraged to express interest in an area of specialisation on their application form. 


240 credits
15-month programme

Writing Seminar
Writing Seminar
Photographer: Richard Haughton