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Dr Brian Dillon, Writing

The MA Writing Programme provides unique opportunities for postgraduate students to develop high-level writing, research and analytical skills in the setting of one of the world’s most dynamic art schools. Combining workshop models of teaching and learning, and public-facing projects with leading arts organisations, the MA provides the skills required for a successful career in writing, the arts, or a research degree. 

The Programme is committed to a broad definition of arts writing: from journalism to academic art history; theoretical reflection to creative or imaginative work. The practice and discipline of writing are essential to our teaching, as well as engagement with other disciplines and the broad range of arts, design and culture. The MA Programme encourages individual and collaborative writing, with supportive teaching and exposure to key thinkers and writers through our guest speakers and public events. 

The Programme offers: 

  • a chance to develop the intellectual, literary and technical skills to work in a variety of arts contexts 
  • an environment in which to explore both critical and creative writing 
  • opportunities to collaborate with prestigious and innovative arts organisations 
  • a strong grounding for a subsequent research degree.

"The programme is committed to the idea that writing – of all kinds – is a creative practice that requires imagination as well as good literary skills and expert knowledge." Dr Brian Dillon
Dr Brian Dillon
Dr Brian Dillon