StudioRCA at Riverlight is run by the Royal College of Art as a test-bed and exhibition space for collaborating curators and curatorial agencies to engage with public audiences. 

Funded by St James, part of the Berkeley Group, the space will support the long-term cultural strategy for the prestigious Riverlight development, animating the public open space, providing the first cultural offer within Nine Elms on the South Bank, and contributing to London's wider cultural offer by drawing in the local community, visitors, residents and workers to the area. The partnership was brokered and developed by cultural consultancy Futurecity.

Fringe Events

Performances, and exhibitions, taking place alongside our main programmed events.

Fallen | Adam Glibbery and Joshua Leon

23 February – 18 April 2018 

The Glibbery and Leon explore the notion of the fallen, in a new work to premier at StudioRCA. 

As in the past principle of fall. Having dropped, come down from an upright position, a raised level to the ground, prostrate, down flat, exhausted they lay fallen.  The voices that represent us, fail to represent me, and their wicked tongues only compound my own self-pity. We wait for trains in the morning, following other expressionless faces, and we wait, and we breathe, and we continue, silent as ever, surrounded by noise.
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An Attempt At Doing The Right Thing | James Vaulkhard and Cody Choi

23 February – 18 April 2018 

Curated by MBE and Supermodel Eunice Olumide, this summers Olumide Gallery exhibition will feature esteemed talent James Vaulkhard a Kenyan-born, London-Based visual artist specialising in classical realism and statutory arts, alongside Cody Choi who began his journey as a photographic artists touring the world with Matthew Bourne's spectacular Swan Lake. His style is fresh and innovative with a definitively unique ability to capture moving image. 

Displacement Exhibition Series

The series of exhibitions for 2017/18 at StudioRCA Riverlight, curated by A- - -Z, will explore displacement and otherness. The series presents studies of deconstruction of pre-conceived/imperialist knowledge, often through the scope of science fiction, with a selection of solo exhibitions.

The series kicks off in October 2017 with Marianne Keating, followed by shows by Vanessa Da SilvaErica Scourti, Larry Achiampong, PioAbad and many more.

This series will alternate with screenings of single works around the themes of simulacra and desire; looking at fascination, devotion, aspiration, lust, love with facsimiles, copies, clones, the counterfeit. The first work presented is a video by Qian MaMay the Bridge We Burn Light the Way, 2017.

Larry Achiampong

Art Night, 7th of July, 7pm - 1am | Show Continues 8th July – 1st August 2018 

Achiampong will develop a newly commissioned performance and installation, responding to the theme of otherness, developing a landscape fused with references to science fiction, video games, and future narratives.
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Spill Sections | Erica Scourti

23 February – 18 April 2018 

Grounded in Scourti’s recent research into somatisation as bodily ‘speech without consent’, this exhibition explores acts of speaking through a loose knot of human and non-human others – past and current selves necessarily intertwined with friends, lovers, exes, frenemies and colleagues as well as technological interfaces and devices. 
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Stranger Than Paradise | Vanessa Da Silva

3 October – 17 November 2017 

Vanessa Da Silva, using her own lived experiences as a starting point, born and raised in Brazil, and now living in London, she is interested in exploring the space between national traditions and the complicated borders where identities and cultures mix and meet.

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Landlessness | Marianne Keating 

3 October – 17 November 2017 

Marianne Keating’s research implements post-colonial and archival theory to analyse the largely undocumented and unaddressed migration of the Irish diaspora to Jamaica, responding to the cultural legacies of colonialism and the human consequences of imperialism.
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Chelsea Fringe Festival 2018

The seventh Chelsea Fringe will start on Saturday 19th May 2018 and run for nine days until 27th May at a host of different venues and settings. Building on the success of the previous Chelsea Fringe festivals, it will feature a wonderful mixture of public spectacles, horticultural happenings and community celebrations. StudioRCA will play host to 3 events as part of the festival, with screenings and an open discussion with the Women's Environmental Network.

SEED: The Untold Story | Vandana Shiva, Dr. Jane Goodall, Andrew Kimbrell, Winona Laduke and Raj Patel

22 May, 7–9pm

Few things on Earth are as miraculous and vital as seeds. Worshipped and treasured since the dawn of humankind. SEED: The Untold Story follows passionate seed keepers protecting our 12,000 year-old food legacy. In the last century, 94% of our seed varieties have disappeared.

As biotech chemical companies control the majority of our seeds, farmers, scientists, lawyers, and indigenous seed keepers fight a David and Goliath battle to defend the future of our food. In a harrowing and heartening story, these reluctant heroes rekindle a lost connection to our most treasured resource and revive a culture connected to seeds. 

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Demain | Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion

24 May, 7–9pm

Demain (Tomorrow) is a hugely positive, affirming and inspirational film made by a small French film crew who set off around the world exploring creative solutions in the fields of food, energy, transport, economics and education.
It visits permaculture farms, urban agriculture projects, community-owned renewable projects, local currencies, creative schools, ambitious recycling projects. It is the perfect antidote to the current sense of global despondency.
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Urban Gardening as a Means of Social Change | Kate Metcalf and Sara Lowe

25 May 7–9pm

Discussion between Kate Metcalf of WEN (Women’s Environmental Network) and philosopher Sara Lowe around urban gardening as a way of creating awareness of our surroundings and bringing about social change 

Kate Metcalf is Co-Director at Women’s Environmental Network (WEN). WEN is the only UK charity working on issues that link women, health and the environment. Kate has 20 years’ experience delivering participatory training, developing community networks, project management and campaigning. She has worked in international development organisations promoting gender equality in Latin America, Africa and Asia.  She is currently leading WEN’s Environmenstrual Campaign which is aiming to bring about a UK revolution for healthy, eco-friendly menstrual products.

Sara Lowe is a Master Student in philosophy at Åbo Academy, Finland; the focus for her studies is environmental philosophy and value theory. She has recently started an internship for Silly Greens – a London start-up that is sowing and distributing growing-kits of microgreens to people in order to encourage them to grow their own food and getting to know their ingredients. She has recently embarked on the strenuous journey of creating an urban farm with her partner in South East London where she seeks to embody the results from her research in academia. By naming each plot in the farm after environmental philosophers she is hoping that their commitment to the environment will be an inspiration to the continuous projects she and her partner is undertaking.
And the nearby Black Cab Coffee Co will be serving drinks.
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Dusk Exhibition Series

2016/17, StudioRCA presents projects relating to the themes of the Visual Cultures Lecture SeriesRise Up & Envision.

From May 2016 to 2017, A- - -Z presents the Dusk Exhibition Series with Evan IfekoyaDaniel ShankenRehana Zaman, Chooc Ly Tan, Question Centre (Maria do Carmo M P de Pontes) Imran PerrettaJohann Arens,  Karolina Lebek and Susannah Stark

The invited artists will be showing newly commissioned videos for a month each, to be experienced from outside the gallery space – fully visible only during the dark hours, and shown for the first time in London.

A performance and/or talk will introduce the project and focus on themes including transgender, sci fi and the post-human.

Alternating with the Dusk Exhibition Series, A- - -Z will invite artists, curators, critics, architects and culture producers to present their practices in relation to current festivals taking place in the Nine Elms area and community.

StudioRCA will host a series of talks and performances for the Chelsea Fringe Festival and the London Festival of Architecture in June 2016.

Unnatural Wealth  | Susannah Stark & Karolina Lebek | Dusk #9
27 July – 7 September 2017 

Private view: Wednesday 26 July, 6.30–9pm

Performance: Wednesday 9 August, 7–9pm

Susannah Stark and Karolina Lebek present new work exploring empire, language and spam, culminating in a hybrid installation with sound, moving image and live performance, made in various locations in Scotland and London.

Toxicity, a fusion of industrial processes and nature’s minerals condensed into smooth shiny
surfaces. The eternally reflective world of the toxicity, behind which are brittle bones holding things
together, arthritic structures beyond repair, running on energy extracted by force from deep earth.

We live among them but we are not them.
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Johann Arens | Moulding Exclusivities | Dusk #8 
21 June – 19 July 2017

Private view: 20 June 2017, 6.30–9pm 

Johann Arens uses installation and video to survey the documentary properties of public interiors. By systematically re-editing the hardware of a location he draws up an abstract inventory of the social textures inherent in the site. His work is an enquiry into the role of human interfaces, the desire to touch artefacts and the mechanisms of user behaviour.

Exhibition supported by The Elephant Trust
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Fine Art Talk talk by Sitraka Rakotoniaina 
On new cultural fictions 

15 June, 7–9pm 

Sitraka Rakotoniaina is a London-based artist and designer whose work explores the relationship between people and technology. He crafts narratives through the creation of machines, devices and installations exploring the values and ideas that may pertain to future societies. Recently, in collaboration with Andrew Friend and Jasmin Blasco, he initiated ‘Very Very Far Away’, a public-facing research project focused on democratising future narratives and the dissemination of new cultural fictions.

The talk will be held in conjunction with the London Festival of Architecture
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Fine Art Talk by Claire Ratinon

25 May, 7–8.30pm

Claire Ratinon is an urban organic farmer and educator, based in Hackney. She works for the social enterprise, Growing Communities, growing salad on a certified organic site in Stoke Newington.  Alongside organic farming, she also runs food growing and gardening workshops in primary schools in East London. Claire passionately believes that seed saving is a political act and that sustainable beekeeping techniques are key to supporting the health and genetic diversity of honeybees. 

The talk will be held in conjunction with the Chelsea Fringe Festival.

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Status Quo 
27 April – 25 May 2017

Private view: 4 May, 7–9pm
With Holly Willats from Art Licks in conversation + guest tbc

For Status Quo, eleven artists made a GIF in relation to a statement they wish to spread – by voicing an opinion or simply making a moving image. This was presented on Art Licks Weekend Digital platform 2016.

StudioRCA will host showreels of the works running 24/7 in the space for a month.

The GIFs are  available to share on social media here:
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696 by Imran Perretta with Special Guests | Dusk #7
1–27 April 2017  

Private view 31 March, 6–10pm + PERFORMANCES

"Is there a particular ethnic group attending? If 'yes', please state group."
– Metropolitan Police Force.


Imran Perretta’s work addresses biopower, marginality and the (de)construction of cultural histories. His multi-disciplinary practice encompasses the moving-image, sound, performance and poetry. Recent exhibitions include brother to brother for JVA Solo Presentations, Jerwood Space, London; it wasn't a crash, in the usual sense, Arcadia Missa, London; Pale News (in collaboration with Milo van der Maaden) commissioned by the Chisenhale Gallery and performed in Victoria Park, London; 5 percent for Copenhagen Art Week, Denmark, and Devotions at MOT International Project Space, London. Perretta is based in south London.

Programmed by A---Z.
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Question Centre presents Jack Killick / Gerard Taylor 
17 February – 26 March 2017

Private view 16 February, 7–9pm

Question Centre is a nomadic platform of exhibitions that draws on generational bonds among artists, making use of both conventional and unconventional art spaces. It presents fresh works by a contemporary artist alongside a piece by a practitioner from a previous generation (active or historic), conceived the year the younger one was born. This may be an artwork or any other item or event that offers an insight into the year of birth of the invited artist. 

The project is developed by Maria do Carmo M P de Pontes. This edition responds to an invitation by A---Z, which has been running StudioRCA at Riverlight since March 2016. 

Easy Listening, Heather McCalden, Dusk #6
3 December 2016 –12 January 2017

Private view 2 December, 7–9pm 

An outer space experiment; another place; a somehow zero gravity experience.

Heather McCalden presents a night of performances leading to an installation from 3 December to 12 January, part of the Dusk Exhibitions Series.

Easy listening is a genre of music described by some as something to 'hear but not listen to'. It is essentially not unpleasant background noise. Perhaps cheesy, perhaps sentimental. It is the music playing when you stumble into an Uber completely drunk at 3am. The cab, the car, is somehow always dialled to Magic, as if the station existed nowhere else on Earth.
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Lucy Cash | Nine Songs for Nine Elms 
2–9 November 2016 

Private view 3 November, 7–8.30pm

Nine Songs for Nine Elms explores the shifting landscapes of the Nine Elms development area through lyrics and songs dedicated to the land and soil that hold the history of the area. Artist Lucy Cash is working with local residents and community groups including Griffin Primary School and the Doddington Community Roof Garden to uncover local stories that relate to the horticultural history of Battersea and surrounding area.

To join the event please RSVP by emailing
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The Do Nothing Club
11–20  November 2016

Private view 11 November, 6.30–9pm

The Do Nothing Club is both a space and desire, a piece that reflects on the politics of wellness and hyper productivity through the construction of an environment in which a particular behaviour is encouraged in the audience. It's the artist's intention to create a network of Do Nothing Clubs, opening them in different busy and fast cities such as Tokyo, New York and Beijing, starting in London. After first being shown at Supernormal Festival 2016, the Do Nothing Club opens its door at Studio RCA at Nine Elms, 11–20 November.
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Chooc Ly Tan: Disobey to the Dance of Time, Dusk 5#
15 September – 1 November 2016

Private view 14 September 2016, 6.30–8.30pm

Chooc Ly Tan presents Disobey to the Dance of Time, a video installation combining a colourful music visualizer, known as Akira Phase, moving to a 148 bpm-trance track, Terbium Energy Catalyst by Goch, a 3D representation of Africa hovering in space-time, and the artist dancing to a hidden track coming from deep space.
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GIANTESS, Rehana Zaman, Dusk #4
22 July – 9 September 2016

Private view 21 July 2016, 8–10pm

Rehana Zaman presents a new multi screen video work posing as a fragmented B movie where oil shale mines and ice-skating rinks are stirred by the libidinal figure of a giant amorphous woman. Giantess imagines a future undone by unthinkable, abject and unliveable bodies.
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Son of Chippy 221, Daniel Shanken, Dusk #3
9 June – 14 July 

Private view 8 June 2016, 6.30–9.30pm
Hot dogs and beers will be served during the wait for the darker hours!

Daniel Shanken presents a new work titled Son of Chippy 221. Work to be viewed from outside during dark hours as part of the Dusk exhibition series curated by A- - -Z at StudioRCA Riverlight.
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Vtopos at StudioRCA and Embassy Gardens
1 June, 2–9pm


Erola Arcalis / pea proposals / Friche / Future Farm Lab / Edward Brial / John Bertolaso / Gabriel Brückner / Nora Silva  

A series of talks about public space-gardens and urban agriculture

* Within the 500 years anniversary of Thomas More‘s book Utopia, we would like to address his critic of enclosed land: the practice of enclosure – the enclosing of common land – and the subsequent poverty and starvation of people who are denied access to land because of sheep farming.
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Kathrin Böhm & My Villages present 'Company'
2 June, 6.30-9pm

A presentation of an ongoing project: 'Company' by Kathrin Böhm part of the collective Myvillages. 

'Company' links east London’s history of ‘going down to Kent’ with the ambition to set up a community drinks-making enterprise, constructing new collective and productive public realm.
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If I Don’t Grow Lettuces, I Can’t Write Poems
4 June, 3–9pm

Part of UP Projects' commission Nine Songs for Nine Elms, by visual artist Lucy Cash, If I Don’t Grow Lettuces, I Can’t Write Poems takes the form of a talk and workshop activity across the two sites. A guided walk between these two spaces will form the bridge between the two parts of the event.

Nine Songs for Nine Elms is a Berkeley Homes commission curated and produced by UP Projects in association with Cultivate, a new programme of creative place-making projects for young people in Nine Elms, funded by A New Direction, Nine Elms developers and Wandsworth Council.

For more information click here.

Okun Song, Evan Ifekoya, Dusk #2
5–31 May 2016 

Private View 4 May

Evan Ifekoya will present a new video titled Okun Song, specially commissioned by A- - -Z, on view from 5–31 May at StudioRCA Riverlight.

A private view event will take place on 4 May 2016 with the artist.

Okun Song functions across mixed realities – Between the Two my Heart is Balance by Lubaina Himid, There must be an angel by the Eutrythmics and the Yoruba myth of the Olokun – god/goddess from the sea.

9 Events
10 March – 25 March 2016 

Tina O'Connell and Neal White in association with Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp

Tina O'Connell and Neal White present 9 Events, a series of experiments and observations, talks and films drawn from their on-going artistic interest in the raw resources that are a key index of wealth in a market based society - from oil to diamonds and gold.  The work is made in the context of emerging ideas of environmental and geological change within the flood of unchecked global capital.

At StudioRCA from Thursday 10 March to Thursday 25 March 2016. To be viewed from outside. Click here for more information.

At RCA Dyson Gallery from Saturday 5 March to Wednesday 23 March 2016. Click here for more information.

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