Head of Programme Welcome

Professor Jo Stockham, Head of Print

Print at the RCA provides access to and instruction in a full range of technical possibilities within a critically robust Arts & Humanities environment that questions the image in relation to histories of craft, mechanical and digital (re)production. 

Kate Fahey
Untitled, Kate Fahey

We aim to develop the potential of each student in ways appropriate to individual concerns, consciously selecting an extremely diverse group who creatively expand the field of Print.

Looking at the use of archives, appropriation, the circulation of images through the internet, virtual space vs hard copy, we ask how shifts in register of different media affect our lives? Why, in the context of digital ubiquity, is there still interest in direct material engagement? Staff (all practising artists) and students work together within this dynamic flux of difference, questioning established narratives and reinventing Print. 

The programme offers:

  • a critical context to understand the field of Print through making, exhibiting, publishing, discussion and writing
  • individual desk space 
  • internationally renowned purpose-built Print workshops
  • opportunities for teaching placements, workshop placements, external exhibitions, overseas travel and international exchanges
  • an annual collaborative publishing project 
  • introductions to archives, print collections and editioning workshops 

"This unique programme provides inductions to all print processes supported by specialist technical instructors, alongside a critical discourse fostered by a team of practising artists."