Head of Programme Welcome

Professor Olivier Richon, Photography

The Photography programme provides a critical and educational environment in which you can develop as an artist with photography at the core of your practice. We offer a platform where students can articulate ideas through making work and can reflect critically upon what they have made. 

Photography is now in a state of productive fluidity. The boundary between what is and what is not a photograph is dissolving. Whether still or moving, instantaneous or posed, digital or analogue, the photographic image is now a malleable cultural and aesthetic form of representation. An informed practice of photography is aware of the heterogeneous visual traditions of fine art as well as the specific traditions of photography as art. Our students also engage with practices of reading and writing about the still image, informed by theories of art, representation and culture.

The programme offers:

  • understanding of photography as an expanded and interdisciplinary art practice with no fixed identity
  • emphasis on the relation between photography and the book, text and image
  • black-and-white and colour darkrooms, analogue and digital, with facilities to make prints up to 125 cm wide
  • photography studios equipped with flash, tungsten and daylight

"We have a fluid approach to image making. Whether still or moving, analogue or digital, the photographic image is for us a visual form that aims to be thoughtful as well as playful: an allegorical and thoroughly visual form."
Olivier Richon
Olivier Richon