Ceramics & Glass Research

The central theme for research in Ceramics and Glass is the exploration of 'Dialogues of Form and Surface'. Research is grounded in the intent to discover and to innovate, digging and generating. This aspiration makes crucial demands leading to experiment with materials and the development of form and process. It drives the need for enquiry through active practice with clay or glass, kilns, furnaces and tools. Ideas are pushed through the constraints and conditions of material and making.

Focal points of research in our disciplines are Materiality, considerations of Form and Surface, the Critical Context, and Histories.

Our aims are to investigate:

  • the characteristics of form in ceramics and glass and how these can be understood, interpreted and re-invented
  • the many potential relationships between form and surface
  • the digital and the handmade: the development of hybrid digital/analogue approaches
  • kinds of skill, physical and mental, across the spectrum of art, craft and design
  • the intersection of studies in humanities and contemporary applied art practice

Current or Recent Areas of Research

  • Shaping Colour: Density, light and form in solid glass structure
  • The Poetics of Glaze: Ceramic surface and the perception of depth (poetic and psychoanalytic ideas are used to define physical and visual properties of glaze)
  • The Hand and the Glove: Actual and virtual explorations of the ceramic container
  • Evoking intimacy: Touch and the Thoughtful Body in Sculptural ceramics
  • The Physicality of Print: New potential for ceramics offered by image-based technologies (innovation in the integration of pattern and form)
  • The Feasibility of Producing Stable Zinc Silicate Crystalline Glazes at 1200º or Lower
  • Glass, Pattern and Appropriation: An exploration of decorative idiom
  • Reflecting (on) the everyday
  • Stalking the Illusion: Image in glass
  • Sonic form & surface in solid glass
  • Exploring the optical perception of image in glass
  • Glass as ink: seeking spontaneity from the casting process