Acting Head of Programme Welcome

Jonathan Boyd, Jewellery & Metal

The work that emerges from our programme reflects Jewellery & Metal’s philosophy of an expanded creative practice that nurtures individual artistic development and professional positioning.

We encourage an open-minded approach in the interpretation of the subject. Our belief in objects as embodiments of thinking demands from each student that they find their own angle on the subject and artistic/professional voice. 

Traditional and contemporary materials and processes are deployed in the creation of works that address fundamental human needs and desires and that contribute to the expanded field of object culture.

Ultimately, we hope that the work of each student will in their own way make a small contribution to the way we live and express who we are – or who we want to be. 

The programme offers:

  • work with a dedicated and diverse academic and technical team 
  • explore the rich and diverse field of adornment and objects 
  • find your own angle on the subject 
  • learn to be resourceful 
  • think through materials and making 
  • work with both analogue and digital tools

"We believe in the power of material and its potential to express ideas and provide solutions to emerging needs."