Curating Contemporary Art Research

Curating Contemporary Art has an active and developing research culture, with currently a cohort of 17 MPhil and PhD students. We offer research degrees by project and thesis. With prior agreement they can also audit elements of the MA class and where appropriate participate in study visits. In the academic year 2011/12 we began participation in a four-year European research project concerning issues of migration and identity as they affect thinking about the contemporary museum.

CCA welcomes applications for research degrees in a number of areas including transnational curating and the history and theory of curating. We are happy to respond to student research proposals, in advance of the application process.

Current and Recent Areas of Research

  • Post-60s Cypriot Art: Locating contemporaneity through the Postcolonial
  • Curating the Postcolonial? Positioning contemporary art in India through its exhibitions
  • The Biennial effect
  • Cinema and memory in post-revolutionary Portugal
  • Curatorial practice and institutional critique
  • Absence and disappearance in contemporary art
  • Crossing the Exhibition: Meanings and possibilities in contemporary art exhibitions
  • Failure: A device for mapping curatorial practice
  • The Make Event Married to the Spectator Event: Theory and practice in John Latham’s work
  • The problem of event-oriented art within the contemporary museum
  • Art of Former Eastern-Bloc Countries: From the exclusion from public space to the exclusion of public space
  • Os Bolseiros: Ideology, internationalism and the artist in Cold War era Mozambique