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Ceramics & Glass

The spirit of Ceramics & Glass at the RCA springs from a belief in the trans-formative power of material thinking, research and making to enrich our world in imaginative and meaningful ways. We embrace the diversity of contemporary practice in this hyper-material age, and the idea that thinking and making are inseparable and inform one another.

Drawing on the rich provenance of materials, processes and practices to inform a creative interface between discourse and studio practice, we consider, question and propose new scenarios to address social, cultural and material questions. 

Our dynamic study environment provides exceptional opportunities to explore the possibilities and perspectives of ceramics and glass within and beyond the traditions of art and design, individual practices and industry. The programme will enable you to expand your imagination, enhance your practice and find your professional voice, supported by outstanding staff, excellent facilities and a peer network who have shaped the programme’s leading research and international standing over many years.

The programme offers:

  • individual studio work spaces
  • workshops supporting an extensive range of analogue and digital ceramic and glass processes
  • regular guest lectures by leading practitioners and professionals
  • outstanding technical support by highly skilled specialist staff
  • access to specialist facilities and opportunities across the RCA

Felicity Aylieff
Felicity Aylieff