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Graeme Brooker, Interior Design

The MA Interior Design programme explores emergent ideas and issues in the design of the interior. This incorporates research, practice and making work that explores the diversity of human occupation in numerous environments, extending from the room to the city. The programme encourages the view that the interior is an interface between its occupants and the built environment, and it supports the notion that the interior is an agent for social change.

The programme values speculation, analysis, rigour and provocation with regards to the thinking and making of all aspects of the design of the interior. It challenges its participants to formulate their own rigorous critically independent responses to these fundamental concerns. This is often undertaken via the reworking of existing structures, the creation of temporal installations and the formation of permanent interventions, all involving the construction and communication of particular spatial identities using space, objects and materials.

The programme offers:

  • a unique RCA context of interdisciplinary, studio- and workshop-oriented, speculative advanced study
  • opportunities for live projects in conjunction with specific industry partners
  • each student is assigned a practice mentor – a professional, practising interior designer – whom they meet four times a year
  • a staff of leading academics, well-known practising designers, architects and theorists, all of whom are internationally renowned and innovators in their fields 

"Interior Design explores the diversity of human inhabitation in numerous environments, extending from the city to the room. Students rework existing structures, create temporal installations and permanent interventions, as they critically examine these territories."
Graeme Brooker
Graeme Brooker