MA Entrance Requirements

Exhibition Design

We are currently inviting expressions of interest in the programme, with the anticipation of interviewing candidates in March to May 2017. The programme is offered as a 15-month, enhanced RCA MA (240 credits as opposed to the standard UK MA of 180 credits). It will provide an intensively taught first year, followed with a tutored, independent research project as part of the final award. Those interested in the programme should contact, with brief detail on their background and reasons for applying.  

Candidates for all MA programmes are assessed on their existing qualities as demonstrated in their work and in their interview, as well as on their potential to benefit from the programme and to achieve MA standards overall. The assessment will consider: creativity, imagination and innovation evident in the work; ability to articulate the intentions of the work; intellectual engagement in relevant areas; appropriate technical skills; overall interview performance, including oral use of English.

Graduating from the Royal College of Art means becoming part of an international network of creative individuals who have shaped, and who continue to shape, the culture surrounding us. We invite you to consider the significant benefits of joining this life-long network.

You will be assessed on your existing qualities (as demonstrated in both your work and in your interviews) as well as your potential to benefit from this exciting new programme. The assessment will consider:

  • creativity, imagination and innovation evident in your work
  • your ability to articulate the intentions of the work
  • intellectual engagement in relevant areas
  • appropriate technical skills and overall interview performance.

You should have achieved a high-quality first degree in a design-related discipline (such as architecture, interiors, digital or graphical communication). Applicants from a curatorial or humanities background, with ability to demonstrate their suitability to a design-led, studio-based programme, are also invited.


You should submit a digital portfolio via our online applications area of between 4 to 10 completed projects. Each project should include a title image and up to 6 supporting gallery images. You should provide a description of maximum of 100 words for each title image and a caption of up to 50 words for each supporting gallery image.

We recommend images between 1024 x 768 pixels or greater in size. All image files must be saved as JPG or PNG format with a maximum file size of 2MB. Video files can be submitted in place of images. MOV, MP4 or M4V formats are accepted with a maximum file size of 80MB. Other video formats can be referenced through a link to a video hosting site such as Vimeo.

When submitting collaborative work, specify this and clearly indicate your role and responsibility.

No actual objects, sketchbooks, physical portfolios or other media should be submitted at the point of application. Submission of any material not listed above will not be accepted. If you have any questions on the portfolio please contact us at

Cross College Requirements

For full details of cross-College entrance requirements and portfolio requirements (if applicable), see MA Entrance Requirements.

Applications 2017/18

Online applications are now open. Apply here

If you are considering applying to the College, you can prepare for your application by researching the academic programmes offered by each of the Schools, and accessing the Tuition Fees and Funding Support information available. The College provides a number of bursaries towards fees and the costs of living in London. They are available to home and EU students on a competitive basis. For further details, please see Financial Help.


240 credits
15-month programme
Full-time study