Programme Welcome

City Design

City Design is a 15-month MA Programme aimed at an emerging generation of architects and allied design professionals interested in the convergence of new social, technical and spatial innovations, and harnessing their potential to generate alternative forms of urban life. 

With 28 megacities and a global urban population of four billion , urban life is experiencing momentous change. New social groups are emerging, populations are ageing, family units are extending and dispersing, work is becoming casualised and whole communities have moved online. At the same time, dangerous new social divides are appearing on the periphery of cities between different cultures and  different generations.

New possibilities are emerging and their consequences promise to be profound: modern social movements, automated building supply chains, technology platforms, driverless transport and logistics, distributed water and energy infrastructure – all will radically reshape the city’s fundamental building blocks.

The Programme offers:

  •  an intensive series of seminars, lectures, workshops and symposia that cultivate new and experimental approaches to the discipline
  •  the opportunity to pursue a degree within a world-leading art and design institution
  •  access to a rich culture of radical and experimental interdisciplinary work at the RCA
  •  the chance to establish a network of colleagues and mentors in London 

From September 2018, City Design will be primarily based in White City, the RCA's newest London site.