Practice Mentors

City Design

The premise of the mentorship programme is to introduce an innovative format of partnership between the MA City Design in the School of Architecture at the Royal College of Art, and city and urban design professionals. Each student will work on their Term 4 final Independent Research Proposal (IRP) for a period of time to be agreed and on-site, within leading London based firms involved in Urban thinking and action – these might be architectural practices, but they might also be municipal authorities, planning practices or other allied fields. It is envisaged that during the time, that students are on placement in the practice, key people within the organisation will provide feedback relevant to the student's project. 

Our motivation for this is twofold. In one direction, we believe each of our students will develop a unique and specific focus in their work, that will align with specialisations in practice work. In addition, we believe that the concentrated access to, and reflection on, practice through the mentor programme offers the opportunity to create a unique legacy for students in terms of how they strategise their careers. In return, hosting the students gives the practice exposure to the most innovative thinking emerging at the RCA and in cities globally through informal and formal conversations with the student. In addition and as part of an ongoing programme, exposure to our international cohort of students enables the practice to enrich their ongoing international network of high performance professionals working in cities globally.

The 2017/18 Practice Mentors

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