Architecture Staff

All of the College’s academic staff are practitioners in art, design or related disciplines. We also attract some of the most eminent artists, designers, intellectuals and business people working in their fields to give seminars, lectures, masterclasses, crits and individual tutorials.

Biographies and Research Profiles of programme staff can be found under Staff.

Dean of School
Adrian Lahoud

Head of Programme
Beth Hughes

MRes Leader
Dr Sam Jacoby

History & Theory Coordinator
Dr Maria Shéhérazade Giudici

ADS1 Tutors 
Nicholas Lobo Brennan, Astrid Smitham, Douglas Murphy

ADS2 Tutors
David Knight, Finn Williams, Asif Khan (sabbatical year)

ADS3 Tutors
Daniel Fernandez Pasqual, Alon Schwabe

ADS4 Tutors
Tom Greenall, Nicola Koller

ADS5 Tutors
Jon GoodbunDr VA Watson, Dr Ben Singleton

ADS6 Tutors
Guan Lee, Satoshi Isono, Clara Kraft Isono

ADS7 Tutors
Dr Godofredo PereiraDr Platon IssaiasDavid Burns

ADS9 Tutors
Alison CrawshawSam Chermayeff

External Examiners
Peter Carl, Teresa Stoppani

Professional Practice
Andrew German, Claire Haywood

Visiting Professors
Tarsha Finney

Research Fellow
Dr Adam Kaasa

MPhil/PhD Coordinator
Dr Harriet Harriss

School General Manager (SGM)
Tracey Moore

Dieudonnée Burrows

Administrative Assistants
Jill Damatac, Katie Hare

The HELIX project final jury (staff and students)
The HELIX project final jury (staff and students), 2013