Research Student Supervisors

MPhil and PhD applicants should review the research profiles of potential supervisors in their School or specialist subject of interest, and then email the relevent Research Coordinator with a research proposal. 

See MPhil/PhD Application Process for more information on the application process and writing a research proposal.


Naren Barfield

The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

Jo-Anne Bichard
Rama Gheerawo
Ed Matthews

School of Architecture

Research coordinator: Dr Harriet Harriss

Professor Graeme Brooker
Mark Campbell
Professor Tarsha Finney
Dr Jon Goodbun
Dr Harriet Harriss
Dr Platon Issaias
Dr Sam Jacoby
Dr Adam Kaasa
Dr Adrian Lahoud
Dr Godofredo Pereira 
Manja Van De Worp

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School of Communication

Research coordinator: Professor Teal Triggs

Nicky Hamlyn
Anne Howeson
Joe King
Rathna Ramanathan 
Tom Simmons
Teal Triggs
Kevin Walker
Jeff Willis

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School of Design

MPhil and PhD applicants are encouraged to view the profiles of the School of Design specialist subject areas and potential supervisors and then email with a research proposal prior to application. Please make sure when contacting us and applying to state the subject area and name of the potential supervisor(s). For further enquiries regarding School of Design supervision please contact

Research coordinator: Professor Steven Boyd Davis

Design Products

Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen
Dr Rob Philips

Global Innovation Design

Dr John Stevens
Dr Stephen Jia Wang


Zowie Broach
Barry Curtis
Susan Postlethwaite
Tristan Webber

Innovation Design Engineering

Professor Ashley Hall
Dr Tereza Stehlíková
Dr Stephen Jia Wang

Intelligent Mobility

Professor Dale Harrow
Dr Chris Thorpe


Dr Sina Sareh

Service Design

Dr Nick de Leon
Dr Ronald Jones
Dr Qian Sun


Professor Clare Johnston
Dr Fiona Curran
Flora McLean
Jemma Ooi
Dr Sara Robertson
Freddie Robins
Lynn Tandler
Anne Toomey
Dr Elif Ozden Yenigun

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Professor Paul Anderson

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School of Arts & Humanities

Research coordinator: Professor Rebecca Fortnum

Juliet Ash (V&A)
Felicity Aylieff

Jordan Baseman 
Alison Britton
Sarah Cheang
Pil Collektiv
Nicky Coutts
David Crowley
Michaela Crimmin
Barry Curtis
Brian Dillon
Margarita Gluzberg
Professor Johnny Golding
Chantal Faust
Melanie Jordan
Jaspar Joseph-Lester
Yve LomaxRut Blees Luxemburg
Martina Margetts
Bob Matthews
Jonathan Miles
Jeremy Millar
Tim O'Riley
Francette Pacteau 
Nina Power
David Rayson
Olivier Richon
Nigel Rolfe
Aura Satz
John Slyce
Martin Smith
Jo Stockham
Hans Stofer
Sarah Teasley
Victoria Walsh
Grant Watson
Hermione Wiltshire

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