School of Material Research Alumni 1995–2012

Ceramics & Glass Research Alumni 

Heike Brachlow PhD 2012 
Shaping Colour: Density, form and light in solid glass sculpture

Emmanuel Boos PhD 2012
The Poetics of Glaze: Ceramic surface and the perception of depth

Suresh Dutt MPhil 2010
Constructing Space: The generation of space using the optical qualities of a multidimensional interpretation of glass, and other transparent and reflective media

Mike Eden MPhil 2008
The Hand and the Glove: Actual and virtual explorations of the ceramic container

Bonnie Kemske PhD 2008
Evoking intimacy: Touch and the thoughtful in sculptural ceramics

Skarl Thampirak PhD 2008
The Investigation and Development of Stable Zinc Silicate Crystalline Wares Suitable for Small-Scale Production for Domestic and Utilitarian Use at 1200 °C or Lower

Martin Hosken MPhil 2003
Clay and Psyche, Breaking the Vessel

Sylvie Vandenhoucke MPhil 2003
Glass: Towards an inner space on introducing metal oxides in pate de verre making

Julian Stair PhD 2003
Critical Writing on English Studio Pottery 1910–1940

Keith Fraser MPhil 2002
The Arcanist: A study of reduced lustres fired on high temperature glazes

Richard Slade PhD 2002
Autoreductive Glazes: A systematic practical exploration

Etsuko Nishi MPhil 1999
Investigation of Multiple-Layered Thin Pate de Verre

Mey Saied MPhil 1997
An Investigation of Sudanese Raw Materials for Ceramic Manufacture

Felicity Aylieff MPhil 1996
The Elusive Body

Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery Research Alumni

Tine de Ruysser PhD 2010
Development of Deployable and Adaptive Structures by Electroforming onto Textiles, with a Focus on Jewellery and Fashion Accessories

Kathryn Hinton MPhil 2010
The Craft of Digital Tooling

Leon Williams PhD 2010

Saemi Cho MPhil 2006
Studies on the Condition of Labour and Work Related to the Fundamental Role of Craft

Cornelia Nuis MPhil 2005
Ornament: From servant to prominent – 3D ornamental mapping

Clare Finn PhD 2004
The Decorative Metalwork of Pablo Picasso: his collaboration with Francois Hugo

Sompit Fusakul PhD 2003
Interactive Ornaments

David Humphrey PhD 2003
iReEn Integrated Research Environment: An innovative computer-based, collaborative, research to prototype environment for use in the decorative and applied arts, with specific focus on its application in historical jewellery research

Sarah McAleer PhD 2003
Children’s Jewellery in Europe Traditions and Contemporaneity

Stephen Bottomley MPhil 2001
Making with New Technology: CAD/CAM & contemporary jewellery craft practice

Rita Coquet MPhil 2001
Chinese Traditions (960-1912) Looking through the Female Eye

Marianne Ridge MPhil 2000
Electroforming for Studio Jewellery

Apinya Boonprakob PhD 1999
Evocative Thai Jewellery

Ann-Marie Carey MPhil 1997
Laser Surface – Aesthetic

Ian Ferguson PhD 1996
The Development of Solid-State Diffusion Bonded Mokume Gane

Ruth Faulkner MPhil 1995
The Adaptation and Application of Rotational Moulding for Jewellery Making

Fashion Research Alumni

Nicholas Clements MPhil 2012
Documenting Simulacra: Representations of contemporary re-enactment subcultures through fashion photography

Daijiro Mizuno PhD 2008
Clothing, Space and Perception: Orality in fashion design

Janice Turner MPhil 2004
A Uniform Surface: Can a uniform compliment enforced identity?

Manel Torres Balash PhD 2001
Fabric in a Can: The future

Daniel Kearns MPhil 2000
Reshaping Bespoke

Joanna Norman MPhil 2000
The Relationship between Fashion and Fragrance

Frankie Ng PhD 2000
The Creation of Seamless Fashion

Rosalind Hibbert MPhil 1999
Deconstructing Denim

Mary Patterson MPhil 1996
Fashion and Disability

Textiles Research Alumni

Katie Louise Gaudion MPhil 2010
The Development of Interactive Textiles Structures to Encourage Haptic and Proprioceptive Response for the Service-users of Multi-sensory Environments

Suzanne Stankard PhD 2010
Textile Praxis: The case for Malaysian hand-woven songket

Jessica Payne PhD 2004

Exploration of the Design Potential of the 18 Gauge Electronic Circular Double-Jersey Knitting Machine, with Regards to the Development of Weft-Knitting

Diana Irani MPhil 2002
A System for Manufacturing and Marketing Customised Herbal Properties in Textiles

Rachel Wingfield MPhil 2002

Luminescence and the Textile Environment

David Poyser MPhil 2001

Joan Farrer PhD 2000

From Straw to Gold: An ecological assessment

Shizuko Kimura MPhil 2000
A Research into Figure and Life-Drawing through Stitch

Jane Harris PhD 2000

Surface Tension: The aesthetic fabrication of digital textiles (the design and construction of 3D computer graphic animation)

Emma Salmon PhD 2000
Skin Deep? A cultural and aesthetic study of calendered vinyl

Andrea Carter MPhil 1999

Christine Westwood-Davis MPhil 1999
Computer-Aided or Computer-Crafted?

Wendy Wilson MPhil 1999

Katherine Wells PhD 1998

Savithri Bartlett MPhil 1997

Sharon Baurley PhD 1997
An Exploration into Technological Methods to Achieve 3D form in Textiles

Bernadine Green MPhil 1997

An Investigation into the Decision-Making Processes used by Colourists within Clothing Fashion Prediction, with Special Reference to Womenswear

Louise Henning MPhil 1997
Innovation and the Development of New Visual Languages in Printed Textile Design Created CAD

Eros Tang MPhil 1997

The Creative use of 3D Computer graphics as a Primary Medium for Printed Textile Design

Jennifer Tillotson PhD 1997
Interactive Olfactory Surfaces: The Wellness Collection – a science fashion story

Robert Mew MPhil 1996

David Edmond MPhil 1995
Establishing a Small Textile Printing Business in the 1990s

Material Research Alumni

Edith Garcia MPhil 2012
The Absence and Presence of the Human Form in Sculpture: Where is the vanishing point?

Stephen Knott PhD 2012
Amateur Craft Practice in Modernity

Katam Al-Falou MPhil 2012
Design Studies on Ballistic Vests

Kirsten Scott PhD 2012
Straw Plait: An intertwining of cultures for ethical development