LUCID (Learning, Understanding & Communicating about Information Design)

Jeff Willis is currently involved in LUCID (Learning, Understanding & Communicating about Information Design) with the University of Reading, a research network funded by the AHRC. It involves participants from the universities of Cardiff, Lancaster, Reading and Surrey, the Royal College of Art, Central St Martins University of the Arts, Tilburg University, the Federal University of Pernambuco, the Federal University of Parana, the University of São Paulo and the University of Brasilia. It is associated with the Simplification Centre at the University of Reading, and the members of this Centre join the network to provide input from information design users in government and the financial services sector. The network also includes information design professionals. The project, which began in early 2010, ended its first phase with a seminar at the RCA in September 2010, to examine, define and measure the principles behind what we have termed ‘graphic literacy’.